Tuesday, September 27, 2016

puppy weight loss plan...it works!!

 finally made it back to the pool...and it felt great!! i am down 10-15 pounds..i rarely hop on scales, but today at the gym i did.  it's really the only scale i ever hop onto.
 these pics are from Hallo Bay.  needed some sunshine and blue skies!!
 anyway, if you want to lose weight i am proof that getting 2 active pups is a sure bet for weight loss.
 Tuskers class started today, but it was right in the middle of the debates and it was dog free, just going over the same orientation stuff i learned when i did Ivy's class.  met the instructor and asked if there was anything i should know and if she would be okay with me skipping this bit. she was fine.  ended up listening to the debates in the car in the parking lot at the gym .
 these first ones are actually in Homer before we left.
 some one more clever than i did this.  hehe.
 bald eagles make use of anything to get a view on potential food sources.
 not sure why i took this now that i'm looking at it.  hmm....
 love the rivulets in the sand after the tide goes out.
 the debates...well if you go to fox news Drumpf won, if you go to CNN Clinton won.  didn't hear the first bit as i was in the class but when i was listening he just seemed like he didn't answer any questions really, mostly he rambled off.  he rarely allowed her to just have her 2 min.  some complained later that Lester Holt didn't get him to stop interrupting but my guess is moderating that man is next to impossible.  i suspect poor Lester needed a few drinks after that hell...he earned his money tonight.
 drumpf to me, just seemed like he was coming unhinged a bit.  i remember watching a law and order episode. this wealthy guy had kept the fact that he was schitzo out of the public.  paid folks off, but then his grandson killed someone as he too was afflicted with mental health issues that the grandfather refused to accept or allow treatment for,  and all unraveled as his secrets spilled out. total run on sentence, sorry, but too tired to correct.  the thing is when you are wealthy a lot of folks will cover for you.
 i suspect you can start to believe that you are perfect because the folks closest to you will tell you what you want to hear..if they don't they will get fired or somehow be cut off.
 there was this interesting interview i heard with Lisa Presley.  she was speaking of her marriage with Michael Jackson. so many thought the whole thing odd.  to her, it wasn't odd at all.  he was quite like her father.  they both lived in these bubbles where everyone around them treated them as being capable of no wrong doing...if you didn't you were not there the next week.  it seemed so normal to her...all of it.
 it's all the emperors new clothes...that is the childs story but there is a lot of truth to it.
 when my mom would make a cake she would use the leftover frosting and put it between graham crackers. a little sandwich.  i'm eating a few of those now.  today was the first Monday walk of the season.
 lovely turn out, fun day.  we then went to Kaladi's.
 puppies met their first horse.  barking happened. will have to work on that.  silly puppies. they are pretty wiped out though.

 after all the talk of measuring the luggage going to hallo Bay, we had more leg room and storage area than i've ever had on a plane.  this was an Islander.  never been in one of those.

 flying past the spit at Homer.
 lots of bear tracks out there.
 big bears!!

 we were out by the river in these...
 enjoyed just wandering a bit while waiting to see if any bears would show up.

 they called it the wood pile..treasures lay in the wood pile
 our new friends enjoying the sights and exploring
 there had been a die off of Murres over last winter...the remains of these birds were scattered all over the beaches.

 old floats were also scattered about.
 and i found this pretty glass float.

 showing off my new treasure...of course, the guides had been looking for this very thing without much luck
 then we all enjoyed a lesson on survival of the fittest.  we watched this gull catch this fish in the river.  not an easy thing to do for a bird.
 he fended off several other birds after he dragged the feast onto the sand bar.
 but alas a young bald eagle saw what he had captured and decided to make it his meal.
 alas again...a more mature bald eagle decided that no...this would be his treasure.
 that is how it works in the world.  it's a dog eat dog world...or in this case bigger bird eat fish world.
 like how the gull and the younger eagle are exchanging words while the big eagle eats the food
 is the gull trying to reason with him...ask him to at least leave a morsel or two for him.
 as you can see, the answer was no...and the big eagle flew away with the prize.

 and that is life.
 debates are over.  those who have made up their minds will not likely be changing them.
 the next 4 years could be pretty bad.  still think many of the established Republicans will want Hillary in as they can at least make it nearly impossible for her to accomplish anything as they have done with Obama.  if Drumpf gets in i suspect they will lose seats in the senate and that is a bigger power in many ways.  i suspect they would rather have her in and keep the seats and hope they can get their party back on track over the next 4 years...if that is possible.
 no matter who anyone says they will vote for on election day, you never know who they will actually vote for once they are in the polling booth.  that is the only vote that counts though.
 another dead bird shot.  creepy but cool, right?
grateful for:  A.  Monday walks and the fun folks that join me  B. that i didn't have to try to moderate tonights debate.  C. that we have option of electing new POTUS every 4 years.

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