Wednesday, September 21, 2016

life with a half swollen face..

 lots of benadryl later, cold compresses and some claritin.  still swollen.  woke and my eye was nearly swollen shut.  the swelling went from above my eye brow down nearly to my chin.  gotta love these little bugs. i've had many bites from noseeums before ( also called white sox).  i tend to get big welts.  so the only thing unusual for me on this one is that it is right by my eye.  loved this cool new bridge above out at spencer glacier.  hardly used. no doubt a butt load of cash went into it.  for the tourists...they bring the state lots of cash.
 i guess they are working on a trail that goes that direction.  next trek out, perhaps bring bike to get further along on the trail to the front of the glacier. it's a wide/mostly flat trail so would be very easy.
 was drunk on the benadryl. i rarely take it and when i do i take one.  i took one every 6 hours i think. it added up.
 finally managed to the get dogs to the dog park.  it was a blustery day.  it's supposed to be super windy, advisories and all, but so far it hasn't gotten that bad.  either it's not going to happen, did happen but just on the hillside or it's still coming i guess.
 Blossom wasn't too interested in food today.  always worrisome.  she did eat dinner later once i'd added some cottage cheese and hot dog in there.  almost makes me wonder if she has a sore tooth. will have to check her mouth more thoroughly if she doesn't show interest in breakfast tomorrow.  she's chilled out on the deck a lot this evening.  she actually loves the cold though.
 these are from my walk back to catch the train.
 another of the walking bridge
 and the reds on the mountains.  beautiful color out there right now.  fall flys past us up here.  snow is already falling in the north.  won't be long until it falls here.
 hit the grocery store and otherwise i have done very little else.  amazing how a thing like a swollen face will throw off your game.  it's annoying though.  not painful. the swelling has dropped down a bit...maybe more down on my cheeks and therefore i can open my eye more.
 next concern will be if a little pustule often happens.  with these  bites you will get a crusty exudate at the point of the bite.  not liking that it's so close to my eye and the possibility of infections.  a co-worker recently had the same and ended up having to have iv antibiotics and an I&D (incision and drainage).  being a hospital worker we are often colonized with MRSA, a resistant something to watch for i guess.
 sneaky rabbit
 more bridges. the one below is actually the train one.
 hadn't seen much of the latest season of "the big bang" so the last season just arrived.  watched a few episodes as i settled in for an afternoon nap. tired after the walk and shopping.
 thankfully as a middle aged person, i suspect not many folks pay much mind to a half swollen face.  i wore the sunglasses for the walk and then had to just put on my big girl pants and walk around the grocery store without them.  didn't notice anyone staring horribly at my currently disfigured face
 overall pups are doing great.  Ivy had taken to jumping on me.  i've been trying all the tricks that have worked in the past with other dogs without much success.  she is pretty stubborn.  i can get her to sit more times than last week though so i guess i'm having a bit of success.  bad habits do not go away overnight.
 she is the sweetest and super loyal.  i am for sure adored by her.  she is quite excited happy..the last thing i'd want to do is break that sweet spirit of hers.  she is just brimming with excitement and has a hard time containing it.  she is also a bit of a nervous pup.  funny how calm her brother is...totally the same experience, parents in life, but still one is more nervous than the other.
 she is sprouting more hair on her legs.  she does look a bit more like Blossom did at this age.
 a work friend, that like me, made this a day trip.
 if weather isn't bad and i am less swollen and hung over perhaps i'll try to make a day trip some other direction for fun.  head back to work Thursday night...unless i have pus draining from my face or still feel like crap with this.
 the train!!

 mostly funny that they called overhead to make sure you were in your assigned seat...whatever....probably at the height of tourist season that is vital but at this time...
 liked the fall colors reflected back on the train.
 it's a short ride.  would love to take the train further just for the sights sometime.  i haven't done too much with the trains up here. will have to convince visitors to catch a train trek here and there.
 these are a few cell phone pics
 on the way back, the train was cruising through.  actually think this was last night on the way back from Seward.
 this is drive over to Seward.  Tusker wanted to be in the front seat. Blossom wasn't giving it he just lay over the top of her and rested his head on the dash.  silly dogs

 pano out at Spencer.

 a few cute ones from today at the dog park.  they do great off leash overall so it makes it a nice lazy place to go some days.  need to work on their training though
 from yesterday at Lowell Point.  there were all these really big jelly fish laying around as the tide went out.  very cool
 a pano at Trail Lake in Moose Pass.
 puppies going at it.
 Blossom's leaf shot
 and Tusker
 the rest are of a black bear cub that was abandoned and now has found a new home at the conservation center.  he likes to play in these tree branches...which made for some fun photo/s
 he's pretty dang cute if you ask me!!

 liked the fall colors behind the little guy
 i zipped through the center after returning from Spencer Glacier.  i have a membership so i can stop by anytime.  best money i spend every year.

 debated stopping by the  Sealife center but they are back to winter hours and closing early.  the conservation centers hours will shorten as well.
 look at this guys sweet face.
 got lucky with the swans and goats on the way to Seward yesterday.  just finished looking through those pics.
 soon i will take another benadryl and crash for the night...hope for the best in the morning.  laying down though the swelling got worse last night.
 pretty fall colors with adorable bear cub.
 better get off this computer and hit the sack.  pleasant dreams all.
grateful for: A.  dog parks, energy released  B.  being able to open my eye  C.  my overall good health

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