Thursday, September 1, 2016

back from Byers Lake

 took some selfies on the way up !  the pups did great on their cabin adventure. a friend, Jen, came out for a night with her two dogs...they all romped and had a great time.
 don't think they've ever been that tired.
 love this cabin and love the views.  we had perfect weather.  supposed to be some northern lights. we woke a few times to check it out.  never saw any lights but the stars were spectacular.  i guess others saw lights, probably later.  we gave up after 2 am or so.
 the second day towards the afternoon i got a migraine and i hadn't restocked my little med packet.  usually when i get a headache coming on an excedrin will prevent the big bad migraine. i had none in there.  dang it.  turned into one of those once a year bad headaches with nausea and puking.  beautiful views to puke to i guess
 finally felt it easing up late in the evening.  too sleepy to get up too often looking for lights...that was the point of that puking tale.
 used the wagon. probably should have done 3 loads but i made it all fit in two.  this probably knotted me up, which led to the headache to begin with.
 after all these years..i should have checked the tire pressure on my little rugged wagon. they were fairly flat and with all the weight...a bit of a tougher haul than usual. still, on the way out i did just two trips as well.  some folks never learn right?
 bit lighter, though with puking i ate a few meals less than planned.
 the dogs all ate though.
 i stopped for a subway and while i was in the shop, Ivy decided to take over the wheel.  haha.
 the pups snuggled up with me both nights on my bag.  Blossom stayed beside me on the blanket .
 she tried to sleep in the front seat but on the way out Tusker simply lay down right on top of her.  she eventually opted for the back seat.
 cute selfies though i think.  finally got to try out my new driving glasses. they have anti glare and they also work like sunglasses.  loved em.
 the dogs really had a great time out there.  lots of wrestling.
 the suspension bridge is out for some reason.  we ended up hiking around the side we were on several times.  i had thought i'd go around the other way in the afternoon after my friend left but the headache altered my plans.  the dogs were pretty sweet i will say all afternoon as i alternately tried to sleep between puking.
 beautiful reflection on the window of the cabin.
 the pups cracked me up..they are learning to be guard dogs and Tusker often gets concerned  by reflections he sees.  ferocious barking follows.
 Jen got a fire started.  always nice at a campsite.
 looked pretty windy on the big mountain, Denali.  wouldn't want to be out there....though in truth the climbing season should be all over.  gets too soft i think to climb.

 Blossom rests after our walks back and forth to cabin.
 home sweet home...
 liked the sunset colors on the water in front of the cabin.

 and the clouds were lovely as well.
 rascals wrestling
 Jen gets attention from the elder wiser dogs who know that she has hot dogs in her hands. she carried out a bear proof bin with food but it turned out to be human proof as well.
 thankfully, i had loads of food.
 pretty mountains.

 uneventful drive up and back, lovely, but the fall colors were not at peak for sure.  still lots of green.
 a few dead fish on the edges of the lake . thankfully, the dogs didn't pay too much attention.  had that been Rio Catalina...she would have been all over those.
 my sweet Blossom.  such a wonderful pup!!
 you can see the leaves are changing though.  hoping my next stretch off to take the dogs for another adventure.  soon it will be too chilly and the pups will be in classes.  :-)

 still finding some lichens to enjoy.  the mushrooms seem to be disappearing as the season moves forward.

 this family of grouse scared the crap out of me.
 Blossom got some swimming in.
 Tusker actually was seen paddling a few strokes. i think Blossom was trying to drop the ball out a bit further in an attempt to entice them dogs do that?

 lovely days.

 at the bridge.
 this morning we saw some swans fairly far off in the water, also saw loons and heard their call several haunting.
 mist on the water.

 a salmon near death..all spawned out and no place to go.

 the doodles take on the lake.

 so cute
 looking down on the lichens.
grateful for:  A.  another successful trek B. finding old friends on facebook.  C.  blue skies and great views.  stars galore and fresh air

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