Tuesday, April 21, 2009

help me choose paint...

just tossed a picture from the round island trip several years back just for giggles. the foxes there are pretty amazing.

below is various paint choices for the wall in the bathroom. part of me thinks i should just go bold since my tile choice is bold so #1 mustard gold. #2 pale apple would be the more neutral issue. i'd thought about going with white, but am thinking now that i may salvage the vanity by painting it white...but the top is this off-white. the tile floor is planned already it will be the navy blue tiles with a design of the shamrock green and the accent tiles.

did i forget to mention that this morning as i moved the cats litter box to the spare room to accomadate the bathroom work...he went right up and took a dump in the tub. it's so cat.


  1. I'm not a painter so much any more--but imho, if you choose the darker gold it will be a detractor to your tiles. Maybe--gotta see it, but in a smaller room bold colors dominate. So if it were me, I'd go with the neutral and let the tiles speak most loudly.

  2. i painted a splotch of each so i can see how they look when the tile is up. i'll put up more pics. several friends have agreed with you and thought the less dominant would be better. we'll see, i had to go with a white rope for the border (more on that later)...so that may make a difference. thanks for the input!

  3. I like the tile and accent tile you chose! Very cool. I have no idea about wall color though, even after looking at the splotch on your above post. I'm horrible about that. I've just found that my colors are always WAY darker on the wall than they are on the swatch.

  4. By the way, I'm really loving all the photos on this blog now!