Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pictures of seward and hope...

blossom gets to hit the beach. she goes crazy for lowell point beach in seward. i can safely let her swim. it was snowing this day so i thought she may not go in...silly me. of course, the water dog always enters the water. we were joined by an otter. these frequent the waters of alaska. they are often pretty shy and i have never been able to get close in a kayak...though oddly, they stay put when a water taxi passes them outside homer.

above and below are harlequin ducks i believe. they looked pretty out there on the water. i just looked them up in my alaskan birds book...i already have a photo in there. pretty ducks though.

blossom runs down the beach at lowell point. i love the houses here. i would love to live on this beach...except for that dang tsunami thing. seward was hit hard by the tsunami of '64. it actually made the city much more appealing really. the docks were full of rails and those were all washed away. now the tourists can park thier rv's shoreside...just beware of tsunami warnings. lots of signs around town. seward has a nice open port year round so they are a major hub.

the rest of the pictures are back in hope. i'll put a few more seward pictures in later. it's always just a fun place to take pictures. great wildlife and i love docks. the above car has probably been in that location since it stopped working. as much as i love alaska. it's location is such that it can be impractical to get rid of used items. many small villages have unsightly garbage lying about. no doubt stuff is saved for possible parts for later. i do love old cars though...they just kinda look cool...even if they are really just trash.

sandra is flinging the tennis ball with the chuck it...maybe she really is sore. she put a great deal of effort in. blossom mostly brought the toy back to me i think, much to sandra's dismay.
the beach ice is getting washed away with the tides...just a show of season changes. it looks kinda cool. i should have stopped today as there was alot of ice in the arm and it's all muddy, but the light snow had powdered it a bit...

these are both from the gull rock trail in hope. the top one is looking towards anchorage area. below is the other direction...towards the end of the turnigan arm. we got lucky and it was just beautiful out.

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