Tuesday, April 21, 2009

if i smell....do forgive

i no longer have a functioning shower...boo hoo. i woke early to prepare for the tile guy, jason, coming. i got in a last shower and cleaned out stuff. took a few before pictures. above is the hole in the shower secondary to repair of leak. my friend scott was helpful in making the shower usable though not very attractive.

so it's still break up. lasts most of april. the trails are clearing of snow, but that just leaves more mud and squish to walk through. some puddles are 6 inches deep and often those are not noticable til you take that first step. the dogs just like to be out there and blossom is enjoying rolling in any and all puddles she can locate. the lab in her seems to have a 6th sense for finding any water. i let her chase her toys through the big puddles. you know it looks like lots of fun. unfortunately i don't have one of those handy coats that quick dry...nor do i like smelling like she does. for how keen thier sense of smell is they seem completely unconcerned with body odor. i'm sure i will have a heightened concern now that i won't be able to bath readily. i have the gym membership and i can also shower at work. the acc has a nice shower room in the locker room. i may just shower after working the night shift thurs and friday.

the above two photos are at kincaid park. i thought i'd check it out. there is less slushy snow area's but loads more mud so not sure that it's a better choice. i've done lots of walks through the neighborhood and have also gone to campbell airstrip for some walks. my back got even more torked and spasmy so i ended up calling out of work for two nights. back spasms and nursing aren't really a good mix. i did walk the dogs but it was a pretty painful daily event. i think the walking does help ease it up a bit, but really it just hurt, especially bending over every few steps to get the tennis ball for blossom. when i did head to work i wore a heated wrap around my lower back and took ibuprofen. it was manageable. it actually feels pretty good today and hopefully, i can get to the gym later for some exercise. the picture below is in the bog. it's a real mess out there. you can still see the "trail" that used to go through the park, it's now under water.

i did get some reading in this past week and finished reading a good book, "the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society" by mary ann shaffer. now i'm back to the lolita readers one i'd started previously. interesing that both books are about "reading" groups that formed in times of war and hard times. the reading lolita one is set in iran and the guernsey one is during wwII. i'm sure anything that takes you away mentally is beneficial.
work wasn't bad at all. worked with great people in acc, dr kamali was on so he was excited to try the gummie bear experiement for me again. he is sure that the european gummie bears will do something much more exciting in the cup of water than the american gummie bears. that one just dissolved and when we looked the next night there was just yellow water. not the intended impact. so he wanted to show me this miracle gummie bear trick. by morning not much had happened. it may have grown slightly. as a joke i decided to move said gummie from the hiding place kamali selected and replace his gummie with a plastic dinasaur. it was actually quite funny when he went to check the gummie the next night only to discover it had mutated into a dinosaur. the things we do to entertain ourselves in the wee hours of the night. i guess those reading groups just reflect general human nature for fun. even in the worst of times people try to make light where they can. peds was a bit more difficult as i was beside that nurse i worked with last week and she is lazy and has an excuse for everything. i do hope they let her go if she keeps this up. she is in her trial employment period, so i guess this is her putting her best self forward...if this is true...oh my god are we in for trouble. she's a disaster.
i let my brain take a bit of a break last night and played some bookworm. i got to over 250,000 points and to level 17. my best yet.
i best get off to lowes and home depot. i may paint a bit tonight. hmm. buy some white paint perhaps before the tiles go in and i risk getting white paint everywhere. i also have loaded the recycling. i fixed the front gate and attempted to fix the shed door. i obviously did something wrong as the door still opens. i'm so handy. not!! anyway. he did salvage my shower door, but it looks pretty crappy. i may just price out a new shower door. i looked at new ones the other day. not too expensive and it may be best to just replace it. then the toilet, the countertop, the lights and the fixtures and finally the floor. hmm..,..

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