Friday, April 24, 2009

tile update...

above is a random picture from shuyak island. hopefully, we are getting a group together tomorrow for a little pizza, beer and nertz at the moose's tooth. that is a great place to eat in anchorage here. the same people also own another restaurant called bear tooth. these are named after mountains and the bear tooth has a portion of the restaurant that is a movie theater so they bring dinner in to the movie for you to enjoy. good eats. of course,i made the mistake of watching that documentary, "super sized"..i think that is the name. anyway...not a great movie to eat at. at least i didn't bring mcdonalds in. anyway...we were trapped by weather and the rangers across the bay would boat over to check on us and entertain us. the above picture is of the plane finally arriving to pick us up. what a happy moment that was!!
have continued to do local neighborhood walks. saw this moose the other day walking at the par course at corner of northern lights and muldoon. it's just a few blocks away. this is a younger moose that has been seen crusing around the hood for some time. looks a bit young to be alone, but has survived the winter. hopefully, it doesn't get taken by a bear. cute moose. rio was pretty good about waiting for the moose to move from the trail...took at least 15 minutes for us to finally be able to move forward again.

progress in the bathroom project. got bad news the other day...while i was on above walk. giant dons didn't order any "bullnose" tiles for the edges of the work. i had to play "bitch" and go to giant dons to see what i could do to find a finish. i'd originally wanted a rope tile in the dark blue, but that colour wasn't available. anyway...after going down there and kindly getting across my displeasure i will go with a white rope. hopefully, it will look good. it was supposed to be in today, but it's not there yet...calling right now. i got it at cost and they will pay for the shipping via fed ex. the salesman had said..."oh,i thought you wanted it that way". i replyed that what i wanted was for him to help me and guide me through this process. he offered these cheap metal edges...i just said...have you looked at my tiles...i dont' want it to end up looking tachy because you didn't think of all the details in this order. i had also requested the same sales woman who had helped me last time with my order. she was just more aware of the fact that i'm not a builder and was very helpful in the ordering and design aspects. i'm on hold....
jason came over around 10am this morning and below is the progress. i was all happy...i went to sleep right after he arrived. i worked all night so staying awake til 10am was tough. so i woke and crept out to check out the progress. i'm really excited about how the final project will turn out. above are splotches of paint...we'll see.
the rope is hopefully coming in tomorrow. nothing one can do about that. jason can't come over to work on it again til monday.
i've been showering at work these past few mornings before i come home. yesterday in the acc locker room and this morning dr coopes (bj) let me use her doc room. they have a little place to crash if they have a super sick kid and can't go far away. the day before that i showered at the gym. the alaska club east has a seperate locker for adults only so that was much more chill for the shower. will be nice to shower at home again one day.
work had called the other day while i was at the tile store to buy the extra tiles....asking if i was still interested in working overtime. since i was also off to buy a new shower door how could i say no. i'd requested to not have a sledd patient (the continuous dialysis) but that was exactly what i got in the end. last night wasn't bad...i was up in peds icu and will be again. i'm on the neuro run there...hopefully, i'll have that assignment again and have a decent night.
guess i better run. scott, a friend is here...

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