Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more on the bathroom

such a cute mug....!! it's been almost 2 years since huey became ill and i had to let him go. just saw his picture as i was loading these others and thought i'd put him in here too. he was always a wonderful dog and will be remembered well for years to come...
blossom was out on the deck yesterday enjoying the nearly 60 degree weather...that is as close to summer as we get around here. summer temps tend to be 50-70's. actually last summer we had quite a few cloudy/rainy days. we only got over 70 i believe 3 times the entire summer. i do hope we don't repeat that this year.
i'm happy i have a fenced in yard. i'm pretty paranoid when it comes to the dogs. i've always been annoyed by people who just open the door and let the dog roam about to do thier busniness. mostly, because it just makes non-dog owners so ticked to have to be picking up dog business on their lawns and i can't blame them. of course, in the paper the other day the news was that alaska now has an official law forbidding sex with a dog i believe. not sure of the details, but apparently some nut raped a dog down in southeast alaska. i say raped because he kyped the dog, tied it to a tree and duct taped the muzzle and then had sex with the dog. that is one sick human. i just can't fathom how this thought even enters someones mind, let alone carry through with the thought. the poor dog....someone probably just let it out to pee. i can't get this out of my head. somethings just stick with you. another animal story that just broke my heart was a woman was out with friends and thier dogs jogging as they usually do. they crossed a bridge and one dog went down to get a sip of water i guess. well the dog got swept away and went down a waterfall and was found dead down river. so sad. enough of the sadness.
both dogs are outside on the back deck enjoying the days sun. that is sure to put a smile on your face and a wag in your tail.

so day one didn't go too badly. he just tore the old out. there is some mold back there, so he is going to leave it open overnight and then put up the proper moisture block plastic up...apparently i appears the original builder ran out of the moisture block plastic and resorted to plastic garbage bags....nice, eh? overall, no trauma's all looks good. i went to price the shower doors. i think i could possible salvage the one i have though it's pretty rough. i also checked on what i could do with vanity to try and avoid replacing it. we'll see. below is the shamrock green tile with the accent tile. i think it looks nice. it's on my favorite coffee table....my pride. i took the table i found that had that deep top and made it into a window box. the sand is from laguna beach, california mostly, but there is also some black sand from st george island, alaska. my many shells collected over the year get to be displayed which makes me all happy!! many i collected on various beaches and several i purchased over the years as well.


  1. Oh that is just a sick human being. Can't fathom that either. Love my dogs and even in our back yard I supervise them--they like to charge the fence in back b/c there are cows. The other day we got them back in fast when the bull started pawing the ground. He must be the closest thing to a moose we have around here.

  2. i wouldn't want to mess with a bull or a moose. i think i'd feel safer with a moose, maybe not in rut though.
    sadly,i don't think they could charge that horrid man with much as far as crimes. animal cruelty usually has fairly low jail times and fines. it's sad as most people who abuse animals also abuse kids...i don't even want to contemplate what this man is capable of.