Tuesday, April 28, 2009

mish mash of pictures...

the weather has been just beautiful these past few days. so i've done some nice strolls. yesterday i was out at north bicentennial. 4000 acres of park bordering chugach range. it's still quite mucky out there. lots of mud and big puddles. i wore my extra tuffs complete with alaskan duct tape to keep them from leaking. worked great so perhaps they are good for a bit....or at least for walks closer to home. i still should buy new ones for kayak treks. these first 2 pictures show the diet of moose in the winter. i've seen a mom and her calf here several times through the winter munching away. you can see they've made quite the dent in the bark of this fallen tree. i can't imagine bark tastes very good, but it keeps the moose going through the winter.

just some pine cones and my extra tuff boots. i guess that is xtratuf...oh well. the roll down isn't recommended by the company...that is where my breaks occurred. of course, i've had these boots for 15 years so i really can't complain. they have lasted through many seasons of use. i bought mine in ketchikan. they are referred to there as "ketchikan sneakers" in sitka..."sitka sneakers" no doubt. in ketchikan you wear them rolled down. everyone noticed i was a new resident of ketchikan by the shiney new extra tuffs. they are well broken in now though.

a shower stall is born. apparently the rope tile i bought is really corner peices. jason wasn't wanting to finish it with these. he'll just grout it off. it won't look bad. perhaps when i have them do the floor i will be able to have a nice edging tile for the shower. we'll see how i feel about it over time. still not sure about paint yet. leaning toward yellow, but not the mustard i trialed. i'm still now showering at home yet. jason will return tomorrow and grout, then i have to let that dry and then seal it all. it looks really nice i think though and can't wait to shower in my new shower. today i just washed my hair in the sink. it was too pretty out to hit the gym and be stuck inside. i've just returned from a second walk today. i think poor rio is a bit weary.

above is blossom at campbell airstrip trail...see how nice the trail is? you can see blossom's reflection in the trail. the next two pictures are of a few bald eagles i saw while walking the bog this morning. i heard them chittering away still this afternoon, but didn't see them when i walked again. i thought these turned out to be nice photo's though. such beautiful birds. the bog by my house is major bird space. the canadian geese are back and the ducks and shorebirds are there in large numbers. there are several bird festivals scattered about alaska in the next month or two as the many species migrate back north. i guess it's a birders paradise.

above is the magpie. those live here year round. they are a pretty bird but can get quite annoyed in the spring when they are nesting and have young. below are more shorebirds....all in the bog.

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