Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more seward... blossom normally sits in the front sandra had to fight her a bit for it. blossom is very sweet about it all, but she does siddle up and move into her space. as we packed the element to leave hope blossom immediately jumped into the front seat and wasn't too keen on letting it go. she didn't growl or anything un-doodle like such as that, she just looked away and sat there all casual. another time she found her way into the front seat as we were out of the car, despite the seat being pulled forward and folded up. she is quite determined. rio just has to be near me so it got a bit crowded at times and i could rarely make eye contact with sandra as we chatted. dogs are entertaining i must say.
just some pictures by the shore. we ate in a restaurant on the docks and watched the eagles and otters cruise around the boats.

after the snow stopped the eagle did a typical eagle thing...they open up the wings to dry them out a bit. they are regal looking birds and i never tire of them...though really they are scavengers at times.

my back is a bit sore...perhaps i overdid it at the gym last night.
15 min rowing
30min recumbent bike
10 min stair stepper.
watched a movie in the wee hours last night, "god grew tired of us". it was actually a documentary about the lost boys of sudan and thier transistion to US cities such as new york. quite the change from refugee life. they had never seen/used plumbing or electricity. they had to be taught very basic life skills, but they were determined through thier confusion and i think appreciative of all they were given. i've had such an easy life compared to so many others on our earth and a program like that helps me to keep all in perspective.
the tile is in so that project will get started next week. i need to clean out this room so it can house the cats some and i can adjust to life in a mini-remodel...eek!
i've taken my ibuprofen for my back and need to get the pups out for a stretch....


  1. Love these photos from the last several posts. Hope looks like it was really fun. I should do something outdoorsy one of these days. It's been a really long time.

  2. you just did, weren't you just in utah? i saw some snow and nature in your pics. :-) i'm still hoping you guys will move up here for at least a few much to see and photograph.