Wednesday, April 8, 2009

more pics and more chatter... the two above photo's weren't taken by me. there are from the avo website so you can go there and find out who took them if interested. they have cool pictures there anyway. redoubt had erupted again this weekend past and these were awesome photo's. a co-worker did take a drive down the kenai and got some photo's, but i have the impression that with things like volcano eruptions one should drive away and not towards. so do forgive my lack of adventurous spirit in using others pictures. we didn't get ash from this one, but the kenai did. the pictures below are again taken by yours truely.
have been seeing stellar jays this week on my walks. there were two pairs or one pair...they do fly and are hard to distinguish so i got a few pictures today. friendly little birds. i've stayed in the bog the last few days as the lakes are melting and i fear blossom will break through. just a spring precaution i've learned to take. blossom still swims as you'll see in a picture further down, but at least it's just a stinky experience and not a near death one. yes, i can be a bit paranoid when it comes to the dogs.

as i watched the american idol show last night i saw how beautiful and bright the moon looked thru my upstairs front window. i live in a zero lot line. those are common in anchorage. so i share a wall with my neighbors. luckily, i have great neighbors. the kids come over at night when i'm at work and let the dogs out. i pay them $5/night and they get to watch cable tv so i think they like it. they also have no pets so my pups have become thiers, especialy blossom as they've been with her since she came here. it was good for me as i tend to be in my own world and a bit overly indpendant at times. it's a way for me to let others into my life and loosen my control over life by allowing others to help me. it also is good as i know they are coming over so i don't want the house to be a total disaster. many times i would have skipped sweeping or loading the dishwasher before going to work, but since the neighbors were coming over....i did it.
this picture also shows the colour scheme of my home. yellow and green. which, by the way, are the same M&M's that i leave to last. hmmm....

i guess we had a 4.7 earthquake yesterday....i was either out walking or just home from the walk. i do recall a loud noise and cats running to and fro, but i thought they had simply scared themselves. not sure. we had competency fair at work, which we have 2 times/year and it is always a total waste of time and money as far as i'm concerned. i can't say i've never learned anything, but probably the total sum of all i've learned at these fairs could have fit in one or two hours. it's incredibly painful for me as i am very impatient with such things. i would love to learn, but there is no learning here. we simply prove to JAHCO (joint commission something or other) that we still know the exact same things we knew last year and the year before. i get ticked as since JAHCO began tormenting hospitals learning has ceased and costs have escalated. so 6 hours later....all i wanted was to get out of the building. so i chilled with american idol.
below is a picture of "doggy trail mix" as my friend sharon referred to it one day. i thought that quite funny. it's actually moose poops, but the dogs love the stuff. not sure why most hoofstock have these neat little poops while elephants, rhino's and horses plop out big blobs. why do i know this...i was trained as an animal keeper for the los angeles zoo. i spent many volunteer hours scooping up a variety of animal poops. being a nurse makes me a certified poop expert as well. perhaps i could give a poopy inservice at the next competency fair. i was too sleepy last night to hit the gym but i did do an evening walk. we almost walked into a moose, but i saw it and was able to avoid at the last minute. today i managed a gym trek.
15 min rowing machine
30 min recumbant bike
light weight lifting.

after the gym i met jennifer and sandra at a bear lecture. the library hosts "wildlife wednesdays". i've missed several the past year as i just haven't gotten the listings and forgot about it. they also usually have great lectures the first monday of the month in the winter by scientists of alaska. those are at the university and again i've lost track of the schedule and so i missed those this year. i'll have to seek it all out better next year as i have always really enjoyed listening to the scientists/biologists experiences. i would have loved the job in my mind, though in reality it can be a tough job. sounds great to be studing bears until one is chasing you. we had several bear attacks last year and so there was much talk in anchorage about what to do or not do about it. there were a few heated "questions" tonight after the lecture which i think the biologist handled well. some lady got up and said something about them killing the bear that attacked one of the victims being some sort of revenge killing. they were able to match the bears dna to the victims clothing that the bear had chewed up. we live with bears and moose and bears kill moose and we also have creeks with salmon and bear like it's part of life. i put bear bells on the dogs and carry bear spray. mostly, that has worked for me. i've had many bear encounters, a few in anchorage. i think the bears mostly just want to avoid you. it's the surprise factor that will get you injured. jogging and bike riding can increase the odds of surprise. wearing ipods in nature here is just plain nuts in my mind. you really must be aware of your surroundings. they try and do trash pick up later so you can put trash out in the morning instead of at night and encourage people to not leave dog food or bird seed where bears can get to it.
the other two pictures and the dog at the fence. she was there today so i let them sniff and play at the fence a bit...and blossom in the murky water. took the dogs to pet co, which they always enjoy. blossom was apparently sniffing crotch behind me while i attempted to check out. it was the checker behind me. oops. silly dogs. what are you gonna do? i also got more meds to try and stop the reverse sneezing thing.
guess i'll head to's preheating. i just started reading "the reading lolita's of tehran".

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