Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8 seconds more daylight today!!

so above is what i woke to after 10 am and below is again out my front window as the sun was setting at a little after 3pm. we gained 8 seconds today. hurray!!
was a pretty day today and warm. i think in the 20's. after all my activities all weekend i was moving slow though. blossom and i did manage to get to a walk on rovers run. it's a nice loop, maybe 3+ miles. not sure. we moved slow and i threw the frisbee lots for the girl. i think blossom loves it when it's just the two of us. rio joined for the monday walk so i thought she needed a day of rest after that long trek. don't want to overdo it on her knees. poor pooch. the rovers run/moose meadow trails are multiuse so you can run into skiers, runners, walkers, bikers, horses and ski-jorers. mostly the skijor sort ski with one dog. the guy in the picture below had 3 dogs. quite brave of him. that is alot of energy pulling on you. he had them well controlled and i held blossom on the side of the trail and he cruised on by. i love to watch the skijor teams. looks like fun. i'm not skilled enough at skiing...really when i've tried it and gotten a slight feel of's mostly a balance things. those dogs have loads of power. blossom has only gotten the pull idea a few times, but enough for me to see how strong that one dog can be. it's fun though...but for me it always ends up me ditching into a mound of snow. luckily snow is mostly soft.

i trimmed blossoms face and muzzle up last night after the monday walk. i figured she'd be too beat to fight me. she looks cute and i think she managed better today with her snow coverage...hard to tell by this picture. she always rubs her face in the snow to get the snow off her face. has never figured out that doesn't work. she looks pretty dang cute though.

the campbell creek is mostly iced over. the bridge near the parking area was covered wtih snow. looked all pretty. nice day.

snow is melting off the top of the bridge.

pretty good turn out for monday walk. i figured with christmas it'd smallish. tanya and sharon both called to say they'd be late. so i was a bit late. i really need to get myself moving in the mornings. anyway, tanya, maddie and maureen were there. sharon and chris were running really late and met us going the other direction. we had maddie so we all meandered a bit more than usual. she's out of school for the holiday. she was pretty tired by the time we finished up, but she did good. below i think sharon is instructing maddie on some dog training for thier pups. our totals were 6 humans/6 dogs.
rio enjoys the walks and i'm happy that i've been able to include her. these trails are also multiuse trails. less lycra than other trails like hillside and kincaid. we passed a skier and he said that rio looked a bit like a lady bug with her coat and booties. thought it was funny. her booties are getting old and a few fell off. i found one, but the other was back on the trail. we passed a biker and i asked him to keep an eye out for a big red bootie. it was at the trailhead signage when i got back to the car. folks are so nice out there. we also found a bootie so i picked it up...bootie kharma!!

a few of us headed over for hot cocoa after the walk. maddie kept plugging along knowing she'd get hot chocolate afterwards. always nice. i did manage to get over to the store and get myself a skhoop. then i went to the other store by rei and found a new hat and some socks on sale. i popped into rei but it was a mess with shoppers. the lines were too long to even consider buying anything.
tomorrow i may bake a little and then i go back to work this weekend...

tossed in a little decorated tree from sunday's walk at university lake....just needed to keep the festiveness going.

spent way too much time this evening attempting to load pictures on shutterfly. it took forever and then in the end, only about 1/3 of the pictures i attempted to load, loaded. now the task will be trying to sort out which pictures loaded and which i'll need to attempt again. i guess once they are they i can delete them...though i attempted to rotate them and that didn't happen...! i know some computer person would have all my files of photo's loaded on there in a jiffy which just makes it more infuriating. i like the idea of loading them on some web site...then others could see them, i could make a little book or calendar and they would theoretically be safely stored.
had to rush and make the bed before blossom decided to settle in. she is so cute and tired from her day in the park chasing frisbee's. once she's on the bed, she doesn't want to leave and last time i had to make it like she was an invalid patient. i made the bed in halves and rolled her.

a third oil spill in a month up north. what is up with that?? perhaps the pipeline is falling into disrepair with this many years of use.
well, i guess i'll head to bed. it's 3 am so that seems like a good idea. i've watched a few oldies but goodies this week. "while you were sleeping", "chocolat" and tonight "ferris beuhlers day off".

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