Sunday, December 20, 2009

wow...another beautiful sunset...

that picture turned out tiny. i did not take the above picture. a friend, jennifer did. so i give credit. it was just so alaskan, so i asked and she said i could use it. she was at an event at a local jr high i believe and saw this dog team tied to the sign...doubt that happens too many other places. i thought it was funny.
today was cloudy but still draped with the white stuff. sandra and i had decided to meet for a ski at about 1pm. when i dragged myself out of bed i got the pups off to the dog park. it is always fun for the dogs and i always end up staying longer as i meet up with people i know or just chat with people i just meet out there. it was a cold day. the sign said 1 degree F as i drove to the dog park and 2 degree's F as i drove i guess it warmed up. hehe! above is sandra skiing along with blossom trekking along behind. she likes to keep track of us both so that means she occasionally has to run back and forth a bit.

blossom hopes that i'm getting a toy out of the back pack when really i was just getting the camera out. we got really lucky and the sunset turned out spectacular. it didn't last long, and i'm sure the camera couldn't possible do it justice. there was vivid pinks, yellows and even a greenish hue at one point. sandra said she was tearing up it was so beautiful. she was ahead and as she turned on the trail she kept calling me to hurry there to take pictures before it disappeared.

i'll just let you enjoy the sunset. what is there to say about a wonderful scene...just take it in really. below is me with blossom. may work as next years christmas photo, but this years are about all out.

just another trail picture from earlier on the ski.

sandra at the start of our ski today. the trails just looked so pretty with all the snow still coating the tree's. sandra did her best to knock snow off on my head...but was unsuccessful for the most part. she did accidently get herself...see what happens. hehe. she's a much better skier than i am. i fall over lots, but i still have fun out there.

my girl, blossom looking up pitifully hoping i'll get her a toy to play with. she ran as we skied though and she was pretty tuckered out. she never once even picked up a toy after we got home. that is my indicator.

wanted to put in a picture of the decorated tree. so pretty with all the lights and ornaments. i just love to sit there and stare at it. i didn't get all my errands ran today. too much to do outside. why do the ordinary when the extraordinary sits outside your door. my house is never spotless, but i did manage some dishes and loads of wash. the will wait.

cost co wasn't the zoo i expected. i will return tomorrow to pick up pictures. i looked at desk top computers. i still like a desk top and always planned on getting one. i still need to get rid of the old one. can't wait to get the smaller moniter and all that. will be great. well, smaller in depth, but larger in size. i liked the hp they had there. i'm sure it will cost more once i add in a photo program, word, antiviral. it's crazy. sandra decided to join me at costco and then val needed a member card to get in so she joined as well. her family has much bigger spending requirements than mine ever did...yeesh. some folks budgets for christmas are crazy. i do occasionally buy myself a big ticket item for christmas from the dogs. this year it may be the desktop computer and i'd also like to buy a shkoop skirt. they are from scandinavia and they are long down skirts that zip up the sides. just a great extra layer that you can still move in. look cute too. i'm always on a quest for ice bug boots which are also out of europe. i guess skinny raven is advertising them. they usually only have mens work boots from the line. i bought my second pair directly from a distributer out of vermont. my old pair is getting pretty trashed. the newer boot is a bit more boot than that one was. rated to neg 40 and a bit stiffer. good for some but not all my activities. i have nothing to wear out to dinner but i am totally outfitted for outdoor playtime. i'll probably hit the dog park tomorrow then costco and then sledding. it's already late as usual. so no doubt i'll be sleeping in. the sun don't come up til late anyway. those sunset pictures were between 2:30 and 3pm today. solstice fast approaches and our days will get longer. monday is solstice!! our daylight hours will hold for about a week and then the days will start lengthening. you can never tell time by the sun in this state. sunset changes at least 5 minutes a day so a good 30 minutes a week. i grew up in california and i could always guestimate the time of day by looking up at the sun. i remember a friend visiting from the lower 48 and we were at the dog park. as we discussed what to do next my friend looked up at the sun and said, "well, it looks like it's about 2". i had to let her know that it was actually 7 pm.

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