Wednesday, December 2, 2009

stay-cation is over....:-(

the sunsets happen earlier and earlier. not much today, but this is at about 3:30pm. below is out on the trail.
fields of lovely christmas tree's...hang a stocking, deck the halls and all that.

the above pine tree's explain why we have our christmas tree's brought up from down south. they are cute in thier own little charlie brown way. blossom and i did some loops around n. bivouac. it was pretty warm the 30's.

yesterday i got a few packages ready and so 4 boxes are on thier way out of alaska. i've got 3 more ready to go. the christmas cards are all addressed. i'm on my way. still all the local stuff to do, but i'm trying to get the stuff shipped out before the lines get too long.

so i was watching this bird on the was too far up to get decent pictures of and i'm not sure what it is? anyone?

blossom runs into a few friends. jill was out on the trails skiing with her doodles. the pups are maybe 8-9 months old. cute...moving lots so no good pictures.

the sheets are dry. blossom of course, has moved onto the bed already. it's always tougher making a bed with a dog on it. to convince her to move along without breaking her heart. right....she's spoiled!

there was awesome light in the bog this morning. rio sniffed out this moose. it's a funny thing. her nose just shoots up and she starts making a run for those moose. lucky she was on a leash. wind direction is a big factor. she's been within a few feet and kept walking past the moose.

doing the laundry. i love fresh sheets. my computer was acting up anyway so i'm running a scan on it. these dang computers can be so annoying. jenny mccarthy was on conan...she was saying how when she first came on the show she saw later that she had wet pits. they showed the picture. it is awful. pits are gross. then these expensive materials are a pain as i think when you work out in the synthetics your odors just attach themselves to the fibers. after a few's permanent odor permeability. just gross. i've had other friends have the same experiences with synthetics. they are better for outdoor activities...

on synthetics...the lycra people. weekend exercisers. up here it's the ski nazi's. they get on those trails and they can be so rude. i guess the bike riders can get that way in california. on npr they were talking about a doctor that ran over some bikers on purpose he was so frustrated with them in his mountainous neighborhood. he was convicted apparently. nobody condones what he did, but several neighbors complain that the bikers ride 3-4 thick and then flip the drivers off or worse when they want to pass them.

see how beautiful the sun is? you can see there is wind blowing up on the chugach range. so pretty. the wind is calmer today. yesterday was more chinooks. it was a pretty miserable day outside yesterday so did the bog loop and then settled in with my book. i just finished "the help". it was so good. great to just snuggle read, nap, read, was such a wonderful book. one that totally takes you in. i feel pretty spoiled when i read a book like this. last night i poured lettuce into my bowl from one of those bags. it was all limp. gross. so many other people in this world, if the lettuce is limp they would never dream of tossing it...they simply find a way to use it. the book is about maids in the south around the 1960's. the civil rights movement was starting, but these poor folks were so removed. those white women had a sweet deal. what a strange life...just planning fancy parties, chiling with your friends at the country club while your help does all the cooking/cleaning and childcare. of course, you could tell in the book too that their sweet life had alot of rules in it. so many rules in that era. many were actual laws (the jim crow) but so many social rules, strange hierarchies. for some of those women maybe they took thier lack of power out on thier help. some people are just nasty folk.
the sun was beating down on the trees at the edge of the big pond. when i walked under them i heard all this crackling. just these trees had these icicles. very odd. most of the tree's looked like the ones below. we got just a smidge of snow through the night.
sometimes the sun is just right. the bog trail...gorgeous.

i read that a police officer in washington ended up shooting the guy who entered a coffee house and killed 4 police officers. that nut was let out of his 95 year sentence. sentence commuted. politics. ridiculous. i'm happy that that won't be allowed to happen again. i really feel for the family and friends of these folks.
my dvd's arrived from so tonight i watched "the doctor" haven't seen that forever. june really steals the whole show. she's great. okay...really going to make that bed now and sleep....the stay-cation is over. sure would love to be a stay at home dog mom. i can see how it would have been easy to get used to having someone do all the work for you if you lived in the south back in the day. i'd like to think i'd feel way too guilty sitting around, but i am a bit of a lazy girl, what can i say!!

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