Monday, December 21, 2009

happy solstice!!

took the girls to the dog park earlier in the day...well, not too early. someone has placed little ornaments on tree's along the trail. they look pretty. of course, i worry that they will eventually be broken and be a hazard and mess on the trail, but for today. they just look pretty. i thought i'd attempt a self portrait.
met with work friends out at russian jack park. they have a wonderful sledding hill out there. after sledding for a few hours we all went for a little ski. they also have great ski trails out there. above is a picture from skiing. i set the camera up and snuck into the picture. not sure why they all scrunched down. kinda funny...but a cute and fun picture. all had a good time. in picture is karen, val, joy,me, sandra and manuela. it was manuela's first time out skiing. she did great and i think all had a fun time. we'll have to do this again. we ran into one moose. the trails are lit, but pictures were a bit dark of the moose. we were pretty close, but luckily he was tolerant of us and headed off into the woods eventually.

just a few sledding pictures. i'm sleepy so i didn't load more. above is me taking a run down the hill. we passed the camera around a bit. wasn't going to go down the hill with my good camera. below is joy with her friends son. thought it turned out cute. joy is just like her name and always has a huge smile and ready laugh.

so here is the sledding crew. lots of bright colours with the sleds.

the days will begin to lengthen soon...we are officially at our shortest day. my body is a bit sore from the activities of the past few days. today i walked, went sledding and then went skiing. i could use a massage.

i was going to stay up later baking some snack for monday dog walk, but my neighbors brought over some tasty bread from harvest bread...a cinnamon loaf. figure i'll take that and share it. tried to get to the store to see if i could find a skhoop that fit me. i arrived at 5:05 and it closes sundays at 5pm. seems to be the way it's going this week for me. facebook let me put a few pictures from sledding and such in tonight. that site is a pain for me to upload pictures on. it's an easy way to share pictures like the ones from today. i guess if i can get loaded up on that shutterfly site then they can pick and choose pictures they want there too.

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