Tuesday, December 8, 2009

healthy and happy...

they finally groomed the trails. i was thinking of heading out after dinner and skiing all those sweet ruts. by the time i did all i needed to do though i was beat so i'm ready to head to bed with a book already. does chicken have tryptophan in it? i fried up some chicken. it was tasty. i also rewarded myself with a few hoho's!!
this afternoon i had my short health check at work. we get $600 off our insurance. my blood pressure was excellent. my happy cholesterol was fab....they didn't even call me fat or anything horrible like that. so i was all happy with the good news. and it all took less than 20 minutes.
walked in the bog with both pups earlier. the sun was out the skies all blue and it was a bit chilly, but not too bad. when i came out of the bog the city workers were working on the snow on our street. it was a bit tough to leave for awhile so i lay in the sun and read for a bit. it's a pretty big task getting all that snow moved.

did finally get blossom out on the trails. we did a fast walk of rovers run. i was short on time so we had to move. i think it's about 3 miles. blossom is pretty tuckered after chasing her tennis ball all day. above was on rovers run. the sun was starting to set...this was taken at about 2:45 and the one above about an hour later. it just looked cool how the sun was hitting the tops of the trees. i was hoping that a bald eagle would land on the highlighted limbs. oh well. can't hurry wildlife. no moose on rovers run/moose's run but rio did sniff up one in the bog. it was laying down a bit off trail. she can spot em.

these pictures show how much better it is for the road clean crew if people don't leave thier cars parked out on the street. you can also how easy it is to get trapped in while they do thier work. there were ice boulders all over up to 4 feet in places. they did a pretty fast clean up though, just delayed me a bit.

stayed up late watching "the motorcycle diaries". it was actually pretty good. can't say as i know all the history of che guevara as a revolutionary. i guess everyone starts somewhere and this road trip started it for him it seems. he became aware of the people and thier struggles. probably most revolutionaries no matter what side they end up on start out with some good intentions. i guess i'll have to read the history a bit more...but the movie was good. they visit lepers, which was che's initial goal...to work as a doctor with lepers. the scenery is at times spectacular. the roadtrip took place in '51-'52.
spoke to my sister linda for a few minutes. they're electricity had been off for many hours and while we chatted it went out again. i guess they got about 8 inches of very heavy, wet snow that caused havoc. the first set of packages are getting through, thiers arrived. i still have 6 boxes here waiting for me to drop them off for shipping.
the boy who stabbed his classmate/girlfriend was officially arrested and will be tried as an adult. very sad. they just had his grandmother on the news. she just looked so distraught. nobody wins in these situations. the boy looked pretty scared as well. they didn't really say how she was doing. she's probably in the peds icu.
guess i'll get to bed early. is supposed to get foggy tonight so the tree's should be all frosted again in the morning. always looks so cool.

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