Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas is years awaits us...

just me attempting to model my skhoop. today was monday so it was the official monday walk. just tanya, maddie and i initially for the walk . maddie is out of school still. she was in slow mode today so we just cruised up the tank trail. she got a new jacket/scarf and hat from an auntie back east. thought it was all cute. sandra and jennifer joined us by skiing the tank trail and on the way back we all ran into jill and her friend wendy and jills doodles, emma and luke. so the dogs got to have some fun, everyone got to meet and jill seems interested in joining in which would be fun. she's always super nice. the dogs all played nicely together. we enjoyed lots of chatting over hot cocoa at kaladi brothers coffee.
above is tanya and maddie, below it's hard to tell. denali is that way. it was just kinda a strange site. i decided it was denali mountain with a mohawk. have no idea where the rest of the mountain went. hmm...??

here is maddie posing with her new digs. of course, neither tanya nor i noticed her hat was on inside out. sandra noticed it as she skied up to us later. so the hat is even cuter when it's turned right side out. oh, wait the picture of maddie with her mom has the hat on right. so cute.

so we've warmed up a bit and we're cooling again. with the warmth..i'm talking 30 degrees...icicles have formed on my roof and many around me. it looks lovely but really it shows that i need to re-do the insulation and perhaps get the roof re-done. so with each icicle i see the dollar signs. so this is out my bedroom window looking out at the chugach range.

i hit the dog park a few times in between shifts this week. christmas day and saturday. it was pretty steady there. i always find that folks enjoy getting out for a stretch after all the activities of christmas. the dogs love it and they also love all the treats. when i had walked the bridge the folks that were out there were all excited that the lake was frozen and a bit nervous to walk out there. i assured them that the city had deemed them safe as the lakes are frozen through 12 inches. the popular ice skating lakes are set up and prepped for ice skating..westchester lagoon, goose lake and cheney lake are a few favorites. anyway, obviously out of towners. they opened a hotel right on the edge of the dog park. so far it hasn't been an issue. hopefully, they warn people of the off leash park before they head out for a walk there.
this is a little closer look of the bridge at university lake. it's been cloudy but pretty. here is another picture of me in my skhoop. i wore it to/from work this stretch. i always get a bit chilly with those scrubs on. the skhoop is cute and functional. got tons of nice compliments on it. tanya was wearing hers on the monday walk today. it's like a parka for your arse. i had mentioned it on facebook and several friends in the lower 48 had no idea what i was talking about so i attempted to take pictures of myself in mine after working a 12 hour night shift. that is as glam as i could get under those circumstances.
work was busy but not horrible. i was in the adult icu for the first 3 nights and it has begun to fill up. christmas eve there were just 7 kids in the whole peds center. they also began filling up christmas. i think many people just try to get through the holidays with whatever ails them and then they turn up even sicker right with/after the holiday. we had fun when we could. i brought christmas music and played it all night in the adult unit. i was a little bummed when i arrived as our boss was to be our charge. she's great in many ways but very much a by the booker. she did relax it all for the night. i mean it's christmas and your at work. you gotta lighten up. flo and i put my "twas the night before christmas" storytelling stuffed bear on a bed and called for the electronic icu. dr kamali was up there. he's a good doc and always fun to work with. my last night i tucked in one of my patients with an ambien and warm blankets and started singing that good night song from lawerence welk show. she started laughing at me and apparently as i left she went into svt( a fast rhythm). i called the eicu and told them what had precipitated it. she spontaneously came out about 20 minutes later so i called them back. the doc asked if i'd done anything that brought the rhythm back to normal...i said i didn't sing to her. he said, "should i write an order for that". we all got a yuck or two in.

so pretty uneventful christmas for me. i did enjoy the pre-holiday fun this year. i think when i was younger i had more lonely christmas's. now i just enjoy each day and the season. it's rare i have pity fests anymore, though i have had a few over the years. i think we all do. got a few nice things from friends and family. bought myself that skhoop though i'm crediting the dogs with that one. sometimes it's easier to just buy a few things for yourself that you are excited about when you are single...otherwise you get that look from people. i really don't have any needs and i have too much crap as it is. most of us do. i did make a purchase tonight on amazon. my friend gave me a gift card so i used that towards a simple point/shoot digital for keeping with me. in alaska you never know what you'll see and i thought it would be cool to always have a little camera handy. love my canon, but it is big for just cruising about.
my 4th night of work i was in peds icu. i had one patient with some sort of genetic issue that makes her build up ammonia levels in her blood. doubtful she will live any sort of long life, but we were working to get her past this latest episode. her levels were super high. worked pretty steady and was grateful for help from co-workers. i got so much help from tiffany and was obviously tired from 4 nights and stressed at the idea of starting sledd up on a 2 year old that i came out of the room and was telling tiff what she might want to pass along to days...she reminded me that it was my patient and i'd be giving report. hehe. often when there is a sledd i jsut do the sledd and the other nurse takes care of the patient care. we totally cracked up at my being so daft!
as usual i only slept a few hours this morning so i could meet up with friends for the monday walk. they wanted me to work tonight and i debated it, but i'm just too tired to deal right now.
have enjoyed chatting with various family members this week and should try and catch up with a few others before the holidays are over. for now...i think i'll crawl in bed. oh...above is a picture of mufasa and pogi. they love to snuggle and i know pogi will miss mufasa terribly when he does finally pass away. i got him a laser toy which he does enjoy and i'm still enjoying the smell of hte christmas tree. soon the needles will drop off and i'll curse it as i attempt to get it to the recycler. ho ho ho!!

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