Friday, December 25, 2009

happiest of has arrived..good tidings to all!!

merry back to work i go. enjoyed listening to christmas music all night last night...tried to make merry while at work. not sure everyone else around me felt too merry, but you got to make the best of whatever. i'm happy i have a job when so many others are struggling. happy i really have few needs when so many need so much. happy to see that we all need much less than we think we do. it's the simple things that bring the greatest joy. the wag of a tail as i arrive home, a christmas carol sung, a christmas ornament hung in the woods. woke and took the girls to the dog park...looks so festive with all those ornaments on the trails. tried to get a picture of me with both dogs...oh well, blossom is in there...and rio's poop bags. hehe!

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  1. merry christmas! hope u get time off to enjoy all that beautiful snow...and hugs from friends