Monday, December 7, 2009

yep it's monday and we walked again!

8 dogs, 8 humans....hard to get pictures of all those dogs. i think one time i got a picture of 7 of the dogs...then i was all trying to figure out who i was missing, finally i realized i wasn't counting the dog at the end of the leash i was holding. rio made it to the monday walk . the dogs are blurry as they are in constant's the begining of the monday walk.
i think that is the picture below...i think there are seven dogs in there with kelly. she won't be able to join us for many more monday walks as she took a day shift position at an out patient surgical center. she's excited though as it means no more nights, weekends or holidays. hopefully, she'll at least get off early sometimes and join us for walks still.

melissa in the front, her grandma, andrea, tanya and melissa's mom. she brought the family. we had 8 humans and 8 dogs. blossom is wiped out. she's only brought the toy to me one time to toss. she's laying there on the couch with her head on a pillow and her toy tucked under a paw. just like a kid.

here is melissa with her family. grandma, husband, troy, melissa and her mom.

i think everyone enjoyed the day outside. it was chilly...but not too cold for comfort. it actually felt perfect. the sun was out which is always great. rio joined us for the first time this season. not sure i'll do that again. we'll see how she feels tomorrow. i think she had a nice walk...except that blossom thinks it's fun to hump her. i accidently have trained her that if she humps rio, i get the toy out to distract her. no toy today...still attempting to re-train that one. of course, the bad stuff they learn they don't seem to unlearn very quickly. since rio was on the leash and strolling along behind me it became melissa's job to remove blossom each time this lovely event occured. poor rio!! she's so tolerant.

i think at one point we had 4 dogs on one stick. they played nicely together. we ran into someone else who had two dogs. she thought it was great, all these dogs out there. so below is indy, mandy and blossom.

after the walk...we all ended up over at the coffee house. i had made the cookies the night before so i brought those and some of the dough. they laughed but a few of them said they are like me and prefer the dough. i think when i'm a senile old lady i won't know my name, but i would be able to recite the recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

this evening i was debating a movie at the bear tooth, but they sell out so quickly and i've been wanting to hit the 5th avenue mall. i've had a few gift cards to use up. i chose a good day to go as they were having a buy one get one half off sale at the body shop...where my gift card was for. in the end i bought lots of great smells for $32. the original price was over $75 so i think i had a good night at the body shop. i also bought a few things to finish off a few packages. so those are ready to i just have to get my arse to the post office again. i have 6 packages to mail off. i did discover that the mall parking lot is a bit short. i was skimming my box top all over. looks okay. the snow is no longer on there now.

pearl harbor day. you'd like to think after such an all encompassing and horrendous world war we would have moved past the need to have war, but the guns still get built and wars still take lives. i felt sad today, not just for those who perished at pearl harbor, but for all who passed away in that war. it also made me sad that we are here again...or war, losing more lives. i guess i could be cold and think that perhaps world wars are like plagues and natural disasters...simply a way for the earth to lessen it's load. will there ever be a world without war? or is it just that humans can't live at peace with other humans?

it was interesting to be out in dutch harbor with all the remnants of a battle fought there. i never read that in my history books growing up. they don't seem to bring up the war in the aleutians. i guess alaska was still a territory. that really seems like it would have been a rough place to fight a war out there. brutal weather and no gear like we have now.
i guess a poor girl got stabbed like 20 times at a local high school. luckily another boy intervened at no doubt great risk to himself and she is in surgery i guess.
guess i will head off to bed...blossom is ready, rio is always ready.

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