Monday, December 14, 2009

decapitated snowman....

work has been slow. i was put on call for the adult icu for two nights. never got called in. screws up your sleep schedule though. always that worry the phone will ring at 3 am and your brain will have to function. the fog continued until today when it snowed. so the blue sky day i was hoping for passed by anchorage and lingered over us all week. yesterday i walked the bog and then around the neighborhoods nearby. have been enjoying the frost while it lasts.

above is bohdi on today's dog walk. snow was falling as we were walking so i didn't bring out the camera much. bodhi was very proud that he had acquired the tennis ball. blossom insisted i get the thing out, but barely got her mouth on it. she is very focused on which ever dog does have it and waits for her opportunity. we had 3 people and 6 dogs. tanya, andrea and i did the loop backwards. it was fun chilling at the coffee shop afterwards as well. still with the high humidity so it's easy to get chilled.

these two pictures were also from the neighborhood walk the other day. one guy at a house on apollo i think it is does these cool snow sculptures each year. this one is about 5-6 feet high. he did a dinosaur a few years back that was almost 2 stories high. i had to walk past to see what this years creation was. i think the bear and cubs are adorable.
busted out laughing when i spotted this decapitated snowman though. i love that the shovel is out there like someone just had a bad day and took it out on the snowman. who knows what really happened.

this little guy was in the bog yesterday. i actually did work last night. just had one peds icu patient, snowmachine accident. cute kid. should be fine. the kid from last week looks great. kids are amazing that way.. they can really do a turn around.

since i was on call saturday night i went to my friend sandra's "book club". really it was a book exchange/chat/drink/eat thing. of course, i was on call so i was the sober chick. i'm a pretty light drinker anyway. always have been. guess i see way too many drunks at work and the life doesn't look all that attactive.
during the day saturday i took the pups over to the dog park. the frost below is the soccer goal on the big soccer field.
later i headed to the grocery store and saw this frosted bicycle sitting out front. had to have been there all week. thought it looked pretty chill. it's amazing how many people are out riding bikes up here year round. i guess alaskans are just a bit on the nutty side. they have wide tires, studs and these cool handlebar glove things.

i attempted to get the christmas tree tonight, but the mill and feed closes at 7 and i got there at 7. who knew. i had stopped by lowes to see what they had in the fake tree section. part of me wants to just give up on the live tree's but those fake trees looked so sad to me. i see them in peoples houses and they actually look pretty good. the real trees up here can be pricey and the needles are falling off before you even get it decorated so up here i think it makes sense to skip the real tree thing and just put up a real tree wreath for the scent. as much as the practical part of me says this, i just can't bring myself to give up on my real christmas trees. so i suspect i'll try to get over there tomorrow and see what i can come up with.
i did finish the other errand i had given myself to accomplish today...i mailed 7 packages off. yippee! i went to the airport post office which stays open til midnight. i drove around a bit as it looked like some lines and i just was tired and dreading the line! i timed it though and it only took 20 minutes. i chatted with the lady ahead of me. i generally make chit chat with anyone in range. only one more package that i should get together and off, but i'm not concerned about it getting there before the big day so i can chill now...decorate the house and all that. want to get tree up tomorrow so maybe maddie can come decorate it. it's becoming tradition!

gloves found on trails and any other things dropped are usually put on branches like this so that the owner has a chance of being re-united with it. i always think these kids gloves look cute. it was coated in frost as well. parents must buy mittens and such in bulk. those kids are always losing them.
rio enjoyed the dog park the other day. i took her along on the big dog walk today. i don't want to stress her knees but she is doing really great.

she sure looks cute in her red coat! i made it myself so am beaming with pride. i'm not a seamstress so when i do make something that is actually useful i get all excited!
on the way home from sandra's the other night i stopped at these light sculptures. they are located in front of the bp exploration building. they have several little scenes of moose set up in lights. i always enjoy them. occasionally someone gets a picture of a real moose hanging near them. i wasn't that lucky on this evening.

my three hours sleep is catching up on me so i think i'll crawl in bed early and read my book. an elizabeth berg novel. she does no brainer, pleasant reads.

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