Saturday, January 30, 2010

anchorage coastal wildlife refuge...a find...

the day was slow in starting but when i did get moving i headed to the university lake dog park. we did two loops. rio's fans were all out in force and she was blessed with many treats and pettings. the sun was shining and i got a picture of rio and her shadow. i think they both look cute!
saw this frozen waterfall as i turned around on the road to girdwood after the dog park. there was fog in turnigan arm so i opted to be safe.

blossom enjoys the coastal wildlife refuge.

sunset along the tracks at oceanview bluff park.

pictures from the coastal wildlife refuge. it was crystal clear when i was at the dog park and foggy out on the coast.

a trail winds through the refuge. not sure how this place is in the summer. will have to make a run down there....just to check it out. it's a great place to watch the sunset anyway.

i suspect the dead trees are like most of the dead trees on beaches around turnigan arm, remnants from the water rising after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of 1964. it looks so desolate with the fog out there though. the picture below i took looking back at the local mountains.
you can see a few brave sledder/snowboarders at the bottom of the hill. at the bottom of this hill is where you can pick up trails into the refuge. i understand that often wildlife use this path to work thier way around the city. i saw no critters today.

the three below were from the first place i stopped on jarvi drive.

i love how the fog looks in this picture. turned out pretty awesome i must say.

thought i'd drive down to girdwood and beyond since it seemed like a beautiful day. get some pictures. when i got as far as potters marsh the fog dropped down. visibility was poor. for safety sake i thought it best to turn around. i stopped first for a few pictures across from potters marsh right before the fog got the thickest.

thought some of these pictures turned out cool. my favorite is the one below. something about trains and train tracks. after i started driving i thought i'd look for the anchorage coastal wildlife refuge. so i took the first exit, rabbit creek and headed toward the beach. i turned down jarvi dr. a few of the pictures above were taken at the first opening i saw. there was some playground equipment and some people were walking down the road...i saw something that looked like a trail that headed down a hill. they were super nice and showed me that you could go down the hill, cross the railroad tracks and there was a local trail that followed the tracks. i took the three pictures above there i believe and then got back in the car and drove a ways more down the road.

i found another park and more nice people. oceanview park and oceanview bluff park i think they are called. the first is on the bluff and has regular park stuff. i followed the trail in the park and it takes you to the other park. there is a big sledding hill (looks rough right now but looks like a fun one after a good snow, i'll have to return) . beyond the sledding hill is more trails that lead out to the anchorage coastal wildlife refuge. i took several pictures out there and the dogs enjoyed an extra walk. sorry...i'm writing at the end the explanation so it won't make much sense in the begining. oh well.

the dogs are pretty sleepy tonight. we all took a nap soon after we got home. i had left a turkey breast in the crock was ready when i arrived home.

i'm awake late was that evening nap. trying to figure out how to top todays picture taking adventure tomorrow. perhaps the fog will have lifted and i can take the little drive i'd planned today. won't get anything done if i don't get to bed though....

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