Wednesday, February 26, 2014

beach day...

 had a class from 10-12 today so got a late start....well, not really that late compared to normal probably.  still didn't want to waste another beautiful day so i got out there as soon as i could.  blossom and rio both joined me.
 the hill down to the beach had a few slick spots and coming back up was a bit of an's a pretty steep trek back up that little bit.  rio kept going wrong directions.  i neglected to put my camera away before making the climb and blossom kept running down and dropping her toy at my feet.  at one point i was slipping backwards down the hill.  i believe there may have been a few curse words that came out, but in the end we all made it back up to the top.
 lots of skiers out on the trails it looked like, though not really on the direct trails that i was on.  when i first arrived i ran in to a few folks from norway.  there were 4 buses and as it turned out it was a tour group for blind people up in Alaska for a ski adventure.  who knew...!  it was the dogs that got the conversation started.  i could tell they were tourists and that they wanted to pet the dogs.  i was explaining and a few were translating what i was saying...i mentioned that rio was very sweet but that she was blind..the usual explanations.  she sometimes doesn't see the people who want to pet her and they look all sad that she walks past them . once i explain she is blind, well everything changes.
 it changed today as well.  that always perks people up.  especially blind folks...we've run into a few blind folks while out on trails.  blind people all seem to respond very positively to running into a blind dog.  rio was a good will ambassador to anchorage today.
 continued on my work out quest today.  hit the gym.  going easy this week and sticking to 10 minutes of rowing, 15min stair stepper and then 15 laps in the pool.  the jacuzzi after the work out was the best part!!
 it's good mentally to be hitting the gym.  i have spent a lot of time over the years in gyms.  i do like how my body feels when i've worked out regular.  hopefully i can keep it up and get back in the habit.  it is a time commitment but it should be worth it.  if i can drop a few pounds and tone up even better.
 the gym makes sleeping even easier.  burned a few calories today between the gym and the walk.
 the dogs are happily sleeping as well.
 the class i took seems ages ago.
 4 of us for the monday walk this week.  last evening i went out on the skies for a short ski.  just went to the ball fields near here.  i'm not the most coordinated skier but i still have fun.  i've never really improved.
 happy enough to be mediocre at many things, skiing being one of those things
 lots of nice ice melt on the ice bergs out there. there was some slippery ice between me and the ice so i didn't attempt getting much closer.
 the big mountains were out and quite pretty. above is susitna, below foraker i believe.
 and of course, denali was also out.
 old hut someone built, falling down slowly
 bit of a breeze out there.  not too horrible, but a wee bit chilly.  didn't stay too long.
 liked these dried grasses/plants

 before i left i wandered over to the main arena where cross country ski races start.  they were having middle school races.  there were loads of kids.
 it's a good exercise and i love that anchorage is involving the youth in this activity.  seems smarter to try and work with the seasons we have and the weather rather than play a few football games in summer.  they were asking to build some huge football field for high school.  football/baseball/soccer fields always seems a bit of a waste of time, money and energy up here considering how our weather doesn't really make it practical.
 people insist that their kids just have to have the options.
 there were a few chunky teens at the gym.  i sometimes feel badly for my out of shape body and then i realize that there are loads of teens out there who have my same out of shape body.  they don't seem the least bit conscious of it...why should i.  i do feel bad for teens who are already battling weight.  you should be able to look back on that great body of your seems like you should be able  to. these kids will have no memory of being anything but overweight.  strange.
 not many from the monday walk but we were out there.
 syd bundled up
 the trees at stumphenge.
 a few from the ski. this bridge goes over these mushing trails
 not too exciting of a sunset shot from this trail. oh well.
 my skies were happy to get out and play
 for sure a good glide out there.  there is talk of warming and melting.
 there is also talk of aurora's over the next few days....while i'm working.  boo hoo.
 one of these days i'll have to find some lights and attempt to get a few photo's
 night photography and indoor photography are not my strong suits
 back to the beach.  none of rio...she's always too close for me to get photo's of

 blossom had fun chasing her toy
 who can complain about trees.

 aww, it loaded sideways...i did take a moment for a quick smile in moose poop...
off to bed...i've once again worn myself out doing nothing

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