Monday, February 17, 2014

good brain day..

 overall felt much better today.  still some foggy/fuzzy times but laying down a bit seems to relieve that for a bit.  nice to know these symptoms will pass, i always try to remember those who get these same issues and never have them leave.  it's always best to keep things in perspective.  i'm always grateful for the great life i have and the overall health i enjoy each and every day.
 headed to the dunes with blossom today.  she always loves chasing her tennis ball on the snow covered sand.
 of course, if the big quake hits we would be swallowed up in this place, but odds are slim and life is short.  can't sit inside for fear of silly things like massive earthquakes, right?
 do best relaxing with my tiny dvd player on and a simple show, currently i'm re-watching some james herriot dvd's.  that was such a great show.  loved all the books as well.  they are pretty old since i watched them when i was a kid...and i'm old.
 not sure i mentioned this in my last post, but at the ER i was not asked, "when was my last period" but was instead asked,"do you still have periods".  a clear sign that i am getting older.  haha.  must sign up for a hair appointment at once.
 it was a beautiful day out there.  this baldie flew overhead and i haven't gotten any bald eagle photo's for a bit.  it was a fun opportunity.  that first shot above was after it had landed and i noticed it on the trail along the coast.  it was right overhead.
 always love them in flight as well.  i told a lady about the eagle as i was headed back to the dunes and she actually became worried.  she had a small dog.  bald eagles eat small dogs so she did have cause to have alarm.  not something i ever really worry about as my dogs are too large to tempt an eagle thankfully.
 there were actually two eagles sitting in the trees above me.  i didn't notice the second eagle until i got back to the dunes.
 didn't wear my cleats and i probably should have. the trail along the cliffs is thin and apparently has several patches of ice that are now covered by a wee bit of snow.  sadly, i found one on a small downhill.  fell a bit hard on my rump. thankfully, i didn't hit my head but it did reverberate into the noggin.  decided not to go much further on the cliff trails and head back to the safety of the dunes rather than risk a second brain concussion in a week . they do seem to say now that it's a cummulative effect and best to stay safe.
 have had some trouble getting to sleep. once i'm out i'm out. i think it's all the resting though.  who could possibly be tired after all that resting.  so i figured i'd stay up, write a blog and hopefully that will help me fall asleep when the time comes.
 i never tire of bald eagles or moose.  no moose sightings today.
 watched patches of the Olympics.  saw bits of the USA/Russia hockey game the other night.  the last bit anyway. those shoot outs are really fun.  kikkan is not having a good Olympics.  bad luck it seems has followed her to sochi.  the relay race she was in was super exciting though.  the swedes had gotten really far back and i think her name was kalla.  that girl flew and she was able to not only catch up but sneak in for the gold medal.  the medal is really pretty, with bits of the meteor that recently fell in Russia.  oddly, i haven't seen any of the medal ceremonies. pictures after but not the actual event.
 have been pacing myself today. do something, rest, do something else, rest.  at least it felt like i got a few things done finally.
 here is the pair of them from the dunes.
 loved this of blossom.  she is just so dang adorable!
 rio decided to stay home.  this afternoon i decided to make her go for a short walk.  we all did a loop in the bog.  again no moose...they are hiding from me apparently.
 fun day to  be out taking photo's.
 the american ice dancers kicked butt again.  they just seem flawless and they seem to be enjoying themselves. i do hope this continues and they get gold, they have done so well.  i've never been keen on ice dancing, but they are making a fan out of me.
 yesterday i did a loop in north bivuoac.  again just blossom and i.  nap time upon return.  today, like i said was my best day.  my head felt pretty much normal most of the day. as the evening has worn on  i have felt my head being more full and fuzzy and just that drowsiness.
 sorry to ramble on about it.  you do get centric when you have stuff that keeps you laying about.
 i am lazy in many ways, but forced laziness is never fun.
 there are others in much worse shape.  my nephew is in the hospital as is a good friend.  another friend was in the hospital and is just home. things could always be worse and though i seem focused on my own issues i am thinking often of those who have much more to deal with and hoping for recoveries for all.  i do appreciate the attention given to me by friends and family.  grateful for those checking in...especially with an issue with your brain.  when you fall asleep you are always hopeful that you wake up again.
 i'm looking forward to my massage tomorrow.  no headaches really except for the ones that seem clearly caused by the knotted up neck so i'm hoping that will be relieved by a massage.  i've only taken ibuprofen as i don't want to take anything that would make me more sleepy.
 trying to do sand art in the snow/sand mix today.  needed a longer stick so my footprints wouldn't muck it all up.
 the day started quite beautiful, by the time we walked the bog the clouds were doing a pretty good job covering up the city.
 my only other order of business tonight is to get some bills paid...the never ending task.
 my goals are small.  so far all else is accomplished.  cat litter, check, dishes, check, trash/recycling out, checks, check.  haha.
 i work so these dogs can continue living the life they are so used to.
 love the trees that survive somehow on the dunes.  not really sure how they do that, but they do.  they've been there a long time it seems too.
 would be curious to know how the quake of '64 effected these dunes, were they changed by it?
 the light before i left was really amazing.  simple but amazing.
 blossom was happy and covered with sandy saliva.  like sandy dreadlocks.

i shall whip out some bills and head back to bed.  good night all.


  1. Want me to make the brownies for tomorrow ? I have a box, have a little surprise I might be temped to throw in too

  2. a surprise in brownies...marijuana isn't that legal here yet..haha!! i'm headed back to bed, if you make brownies it would be awesome!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you gave yourself a concussion! Been there done that... Never fun. Glad to see you are doing better.