Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Go Kikkan!! a little olympic spirit...

 our cities favorite Olympian will race soon.  really soon as Russia is a few time zones from us here in Alaska
 wishing her the best as she attempts to be the first USA female to medal in cross country skiing in the Olympics and only the second person to medal in cross country skiing for USA.  she is touted as our best chance and she seems to be just a nice person.  she gives much of her time to go to schools and encourage kids to be active and outdoors.
 these are from this afternoon.  i got Tanya and Maddie to join me out at Potters Marsh for some skating/kicksledding.  i'd gone yesterday but it was nice to return today without the dogs and with more time to just enjoy it out there.  debated westchester but it is less crowded here and it's perfect right now.
 don't think they have really skated out there so that made it super cool.
 i think Maddie had a lot of fun.  it was a wee bit windy which going out the one direction was great as we got pushed and that was fun . coming back...well a wee bit chilly, but not horrible.
 so cool to have such clear ice so deep.  so many cool frozen bubbles to look at.
 hard to capture with my little camera or any camera i guess for me, but it's super awesome to look down upon.
 there were a few people out there when we arrived but after that we had the entire marsh to ourselves.  awesome!! lots of cool cracks, they have refrozen over, no worries. there were no areas that i felt worried about breaking through.
 there is some talk of snow so if you like skating this is your best chance to get out before the snow comes.  the temperatures have cooled and we are in the single digits at my end of town.  up north they are calling for some temps near the negative 50 range.  brr.
 the yukon quest is over.  brent sass had it but close to the end he fell off his sled and whacked his head on the ice.  he had symptoms of a possible head injury and decided it was best for the team if he stopped, he was medivac'd out and is doing fine.  allen moore was able to get his second win.  probably not as sweet though when it comes due to an injury.
 still not sure if the iditarod will take the usual southern route or be taken north.  hoping this weeks forecast of snow also comes to the areas of trail where it is needed and the race can take our route.  guess i could try to get to fairbanks for the restart but could be tough.
 after i fed the dogs this morning i crawled back in bed with my paper.  the next time i woke up it was 11:55!!  dog walk monday starts at 12.  a few texts and it became clear that only tanya and i were going to make it.  she kindly waited til i tossed on clothes and loaded dogs.  i think i was 15 min late, maybe 20.  thank you tanya.  can't believe i slept that long. oops!
 these maybe give you some ice bubble idea
 we were joined for coffee by gail and her new grandbaby, katie and flo.  so fun surprises!
 my friend has been hospitalized this past month, i have been just sick over it.  taking care of patients who have had her same surgery it really worries me how badly things have gone for her.  my heart goes out to her and her family and i have said many prayers hoping she pulls through this.  you always feel so helpless being so far away.  she again has surgery tomorrow and hopefully, things will begin to work in her favor.
 the have to get your way through some brushy bits but it's all worth it.
 Maddie had fun making these guys scatter their seeds in the wind.
 the sunset wasn't nearly as spectacular as yesterdays but i will never complain about seeing a sunset.  the sun did look lovely bouncing off the ice.

 had Tanya take a few of me on my kicksled.  it is a fun toy.
 she mentioned that some of the Olympic commercials showing these mom's pushing their kids to eventual Olympic success made her feel a bit inadequate.  i've seen a few of these commercials.  a few thoughts come to mind...don't they always.  first, when i first saw one of them on one clip the kid is hurting and crying.  sometimes it's great to push but some go too far in how hard they push.
 for every kid who is pushed and makes an Olympic team you have to remember how many kids are pushed and have no chance of making an Olympic dream come true.  how many parents are told how talented their kid is, or i head, our kid has a chance at the Olympics.  in actuality very few make it to the Olympics.
 we do see kids have issues related to being pushed too hard.  suicide, anorexia, depression, anxiety or lack of self esteem from comparing themselves to others or just always disappointing their overly pushy parents.
 if your kid has a natural inclination and talent, they will drive themselves to the success with encouragement rather than pushing.
 i think we all dreampt of being Olympiads and probably still do when we watch these games, but it can take a lot of time, effort and money and sometimes you lose more than you gain en route to that dream of gold.  i'm not saying don't go for it.  just that very few ever obtain that dream and you need to keep life in perspective.
 there is a lot of sacrifice that comes with the possible success, often in the form of broken bones and wear and tear on joints and ligaments.  i do respect and honor those who have that determination and ability.  it's always amazing to see what these bodies we have been given are capable of
 Maddie and I out on the ice. below is tanya and my selfie of our long shadows.
 we look so thin!!
 thick cracks all frozen back up

 bumpy bits
 tanya is wearing cleats and just walking. they have a kicksled as well, but don't think they had time to load it in the car.  my car comes pre-loaded.  everything i may need for winter fun.
 winter is flying by this year.  still cold but it's staying light later and later.  i really need to get cracking and see what else i can do to plan this summers trek to ketchikan.
 this one gives you a bit more on how deep the bubbles go.

 a few really big open area's...always fun
 tiny ice bubbles

 me and my shadow, complete with kicksled.

 enjoy the sunset....

 tanya and maddie

 when we got back to the cars i crossed over the train tracks to watch the last of the sun dropping below the horizon.  i stopped by the gym but it was again packed as i hit it at the busiest time. i knew if i skipped it i'd get wrapped up in the Olympics and not get back.  i did get on my stair stepper at home though so all was not lost.

would love to get a few extra pounds off and i'd better get better at getting to that gym...instead i baked cookies tonight and ate cookie dough.  don't tell.  :-)

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