Thursday, February 13, 2014

coulda, shoulda, woulda...

 this is from my  bedroom window. i really should have been some place more picturesque for this looked pretty amazing. i was out at lake hood and should have stayed there.  oh well.
 it was a bit of a mixed day.  rio opted out of the walk after her long walk yesterday.  i still feel a bit goofy and even a bit fuzzy at times making me believe that my head bump was maybe a bit more serious.  i'm now wondering if it was a very slight concussion.  i've had a few waves of sl nausea, fuzziness and as i drove out to eagle river for a walk today i found myself having pulled off at the truck weigh station rather than the Hiland exit.  oops. not something i ever do.
 being a nurse has a downside of both over reacting and under reacting.  you tend to think the worst possible, but then you also tend to down grade it thinking you are over reacting and over thinking.  i've also felt a bit more sleepy than i think i should. all imagined...?  not sure.  nothing different they would do anyway, but maybe do an expensive ct which will show nothing and then tell me to rest.  i signed up for a massage on monday as my neck does feel sore, tweaked muscles for sure.
 my fair city.  i was cruising the road by the airport seeing if i'd get lucky and see any wildlife.  no such luck.  oh well.
 since i was there i decided to head to lake hood and see what was out there.  i was still pretty early and wanted to get a few errands done which is why i came back to my end of town and was home for that sunset.  the world won't did look pretty nice though.
 the clouds were taking over anchorage anyway and i think that also made me think it would be a blah sunset so i may as well run errands.
 got my parking pass.  i know you can split the cost and get two but i tried that once and it was some odd test of friendship and i was certainly on the losing end. the person had all these strange excuses for not sharing the cost at rei and even the clerk seemed baffled by it all.  ultimately it turns out they have a pre-set person that they always buy it with.  not sure why they didn't just say that. in the end it was kinda embarrassing and strange and clearly i had no idea that these parking passes came with friendship pacts.  i won't make the mistake of asking someone again and having it turn into some strange "i like this person better than you" showdown.  i really had no idea and just thought we could both save a few bucks.  so i now have my pass and even though it's a few more bucks, it goes to the park system so that can't be a bad thing.
 then i stopped by the great harvest store for a loaf of bread. i rarely do this but since it was on the way.  it's really good!
 no planes taking off or landing today.
 so another lazy week though i have been getting on my stair stepper and using my little free weights while i do that.  i really want to get rid of my old lady upper arms.  ick!!
 moose poop in the lower right corner here.
 hoping for more snow than what looks to be coming down.  oh well.  we need a good dumping.
 they will decide on monday if they will move the restart to Fairbanks
 today i drove out to Eagle River for a walk.  i think i just needed to do a different trail just to change it up.  i've never been up to this hiland road trail in the winter.  the road is a bit scary to wimpy me in the summer.  winter could be bad. i figured, rightly so, that it would be okay right now with all the warmer weather we'd had.  the road was fine, though i go slower on it than some of the locals would have wanted me to.  not much snow out there.  i was the only car in the lot
 the trail was icy in patches though i was never nervous about it.
 the clouds were coming in lower and lower further up the valley and there was a bit of a breeze blowing as well.  it was chilly. not sure why i kept blossom on a leash.  at some point she kept sitting down and then happily turned back towards the car.  walking alone i err on the side of caution and if the dog seems to want to turn around it's best to just follow her canine advice.  we were out for over an hour.  not much photo worthy.
 always good to check it out in a different season.  next time i'll have to convince someone else to join me and that will no doubt make me more brave.
 good to get some house stuff done before i head back to work, laundry, poop.
 blossom seems satisfied with her day.  she's pretty easy to please.
 lazy evening of olympic watching.  i got my work stretch coming up so i may as well soak it all in.
 seems like most of those who were "expected" to medal have fallen short of medals. it's always harder to accomplish something when you are expected to do it.  probably less fun too.  makes me wonder if we kinda put them through because of their past success sometimes.  a younger athlete may be hungrier for it.  used to be you rarely got more than one shot at the Olympics, now that athletes are career athletes it's like, well, if they fail, they can come back in 4 years and try again.
 when they were all unpaid, they could only stay unpaid for so long.   in some ways i miss those days of the amateur athlete, though sadly, many nations didn't abide by those rules.  it was only fair to change the rules, but a little something was lost when they did.
 did like this picture of the ice in cook inlet.  the tide was on the move.
 a few more from lake hood.
 i always love all the planes.
 want to get rio's vet claim sent off.  hopefully i'll get a few bucks back from her surgery.
 of course, i'm thinking how nice this would have looked with that sunset in the background..i know let it go!!

 working Valentines day.  such a bummer, haha.  haven't had anyone want to be my Valentine for some time.  may as well work and let those with a hope of romance enjoy it.
well, i guess i shall hit the sack.  my next installments of  Downton Abbey" have arrived.  may settle down for the night.

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