Friday, February 14, 2014

got a ct for valentines romantic!!

 will keep this short.  not many shots.  that fuzzy/sleepy feeling continued and i'd say it felt worse once i got to work and was around actual people.  got to go home early on call which was a blessing.  couldn't recall my cell phone number and then discovered i'd mislaid my hat and gloves.  i back tracked and eventually found them in the trash in the resource pool room where we go to get our assignments.  i must have dropped them in the trash and not noticed.  a few suggested i get to the emergency room for a work up and probable ct.
 so i took the dogs for a walk around the bog and headed to the ER.  busy place, but it helped that i was a familiar face to folks there.  they helped get me in a room and looked at.  bit of a wait for ct as i guess everyone was getting ct's today.  once you are there...more familiar faces.  thanks everyone for being so great!! my ct was clear.  no bleeding.  so it looks like i have a bit of a concussion.  time and rest will hopefully heal it all up.  my head does feel less fuzzy when i rest and my friend sandra was looking up stuff and said i should be avoiding, tv, texting, reading and i'm sure blogging.  i did close my eyes between skaters but i wanted to watch some of the Olympics.
the house sup was in the ER while i was there so i asked them to have him pop in so i could call out. probably will call out again tomorrow and just get some rest.  i really felt great right when i woke up today, no fuzziness, but it returned after i started moving about.  less is best.  all is well. i never lost consciousness or was really nauseated.  headache to me is in back of head where all my knots are, which is still really my only pain.  gotta take care of this noggin of mine though.  good to know they didn't see any obvious tumors so i can bypass that conclusion next time i have a headache.  anyway.  off to bed early for rest and hopefully this will pass soon.  just wanted to give you the update.  Happy Valentines Day.  night.

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