Sunday, February 9, 2014

seems like a long time between posts...but not really

 went in to work in the kids icu last night around 10 as they had called and then a few text messages exchanged.  good crew on so i went in and helped. i was tired and continue a bit tired.  slept good today, but woke and headed to oceanview bluff park for a beach stroll.
 a few in here from the hikes over the past several days.  this one was from gasline/powerline/tank trails.  some parts were icy.  todays walk to the beach was all ice.  that bike above is out biking on the ice.  there were a few out there today.  was trying to capture him in the sunset.
 the bikes have studded tires.  people also use fat tires with a different frame to accommadate the fat tires for biking in the snow.  play time can get pretty spendy.  i did have cleats on my boots but it can still be a risky walk out there.
 felt badly as rio wanted to  join us.  it was a slow walk but she stayed up.  slow and steady.  that dog is  very trusting and seems pretty much willing to go/do anything.  it was chilly out there today.  she had her coat and scruff on.
 my friend sent me more fleece for another scruff or two.  was thinking tonight it may be a good thing to work on while i watch the olympics.
 i always enjoy watching olympics.  pretty much any event, both winter and summer.
 watched the various teams come in for the opening ceremony before i decided to go in to work.  the american sweater is getting some slack. i liked it though.  fun, funky.  i think people forget that part.  looked good as a team coming out of the tunnel.  opening ceremony is a show, the outfits can make that show more fun.  not a sweater that one would wear out to dinner, but it's pretty cool when you are all wearing it and you can't help but relax and laugh at yourselves.  fashion should sometimes be fun....not everything needs to be serious.
 there were some other funky and fun outfits.  thought iran's military green was probable functional as they can be soldiers or olympiads.  just was reading that iran is sending military boats towards our east coast just to harass us as they are unhappy that we have naval ships near them . always something, right.
 it was pretty out there, not much for clouds today.
 that snowboarding slope thing is pretty cool.  an american got the first gold in that.  seemed like a laid back and fun guy.  surfers and boarders seem to have similar personalities.
 watched the moguls today, which just always seems like hell on knees.  the ice skaters are having a team competition as well as individuals, i like that idea.  like the gymnasts do.  nice for the ice dancers as they will probable get more respect that way.  there were some nice ice dancing teams which i usually blow off so nice to have them in the mix and showcased a bit more.
 the week flew by i think. with the overtime i worked, ER, Adult icu 2 nights and then peds icu.  had holds in the ER and then my last night i kinda had holds in the ACC.  one guy decided he was done holding and went AMA as we call it (against medical advice).  you try and help people but they are still free to do stupid stuff and further risk their own health.  his girlfriend irritated me by helping. you'd think if you really cared for someone you would try to convince them to stay...oh well.  love is strange right and people are queer.
 may do a sunday drive tomorrow.  we shall see.  roads should be decent for exploring.
 no clouds, but still pretty out there.
 i'm behind on my newspaper reading.  probably will get behind on everything watching olympics.
 rio is doing great and gets her stitches out on monday...i think i'll wait until monday night so i can watch the incision and keep her quiet.  don't want it to open up accidently.  she is quietly snoring behind me.  i think the ice and being blind makes her have to work mentally and it's tiring.
 the guy on nbc that always does the olympics looks to have an eye issue. he's wearing glasses and his left eye seems sore. i've had an abrasion to my cornea.  those hurt.  hope it's just a temporary thing.  he always does a good job with the olympic coverage.
 sochi will have it's blunders.  apparently a guy got locked in a bathroom and had to crash through the door in his dormitory.  another athlete took a photo of an open elevator door and open shaft.  one of the olympic circles didn't open from it's snowflake form.  they built stuff pretty fast and you always have to hope and trust that basic stuff was done.
 one cross country ski event was on earlier today.  they mentioned kikkan randall as USA's best hope for a medal in cross country. hoping the best for her.  women's cross country has never gotten a medal and mens i think did but it was years ago.  we are due.
 several other people braved the ice out there today. included them in a few photo's.  didn't know any of them, just thought they'd be decent photo's.
 a change from all animals and scenery for anyone who comes here to the blog.
 there were a few younger folks out there, one with a nice camera, the other two just exploring and enjoying the day.  everyone walked faster than rio and i were.
 it was chilly but lovely.
 6 alaskan olympiads i guess.  kikkan of course and holly brooks, both cross country skiers.  they will be joined by two other cross country skiers, siblings of the family bjornsen.  of those kikkan is the only one that actually grew up here i think.  there is also a slopestyle (that's what it's called) snowboarder who i saw today in that event. don't think he made the finals.  he is from here but lives elsewhere now.  then we have a curler on the team, jessica schultz.
 they all looked like they are having fun out there.
 was just reading a blip that there are these awful bear farms in south korea.  like puppy mills for dogs here.  tiny cages, dirty and eventually they kill the bears for their bile for some sort of concoction.  so disgusting. how can people be so cruel to these amazing animals.  there will be a special hell for those who treat children and animals with cruelty.
 catching up a bit on my newspapers.  you can see the chunks of ice left behind as the tide went out in the back ground of these photo's
 always love the reflection of the sun on the ice.
 the road is once again open to least for now.  it's gotten colder again so hopefully there will be less chance of avalanche for a bit.
 my wasn't posing much today as usual
 just more sunset and beach views.  stood around out there a bit just to give rio a break before heading back in.

 figured i may as well wait until the sun dropped down.  this of course meant i didn't get to the pool yet again.  i've been a horrible slacker.  tough with the olympics on as well.
 admittedly i was excited to watch this first night of full coverage.
 this guy walked past me with his 3 kids. this youngest one was cruising along behind them all.  pretty young it seems.  looks like he's just learning to walk and the ice was pretty tough gig.  he fell several times and just got right back up.  at least it's not far to fall when you are such a young tyke.  love his hat too.

 and then the sun dropped below the horizon.  it is getting later and later.
 should head out to westchester lagoon one of these days off.  always another cool place to chill with blossom the kicksled and a sunset if i'm lucky.

 a few from rovers run i think this past week with lena.

 then i wandered over to the military land on the gasline/powerline/tank trail walk.  this metal fence serves to let you know you are on military land.  you are supposed to get a permit.
 my little powershot camera has got a little something on the lens i'm guessing.  can't locate it, but you can see it in these next shots.  bummer.  will just set that camera aside and just use it as a backup.  could take the photo's upside down i guess and see if that lessens the impact of this dark line.  hmm....
 annoying anyway.
 these are again from todays stroll.
 ice, ice, everywhere ice!!

well, i did catch up some on my reading.  will finish up another day.  hope you enjoyed the pictures and are having a good one.  night...

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  1. Do I need to make you a hat? Do you think a dog hair could have gotten in there? I have had a dog hair get under the glass of my cell phone careen and it looks like a hair shadow to me...