Monday, February 10, 2014

non-productive day, but loads of fun. :-)

 took that drive out the seward highway.  just decided along the way where i would stop and what i would do.  both dogs were along with me.  it started below with kick sledding at potters marsh and ended above with a beautiful sunset.  all kind of cars were pulling over to watch it.
 several folks out ice skating.  i didn't go too far out as i had left both dogs in car and didn't want to leave them too long.  the ice is very thick and quite clear in some areas.  wasn't clear enough for amazing photo's i thought but really fun to explore what lies beneath.
 most of the ice falls are melted off, but some remain and with these cold temperatures they will no doubt be rebuilding.
 always cool though.  the melt/freeze probably added some new designs.  could see some still falling off as i watched, but not the big danger it can be.  it is colder here for sure.
 watched a bit of the ski jumping as i got ready to go.  as a person who isn't keen on heights it's amazing to me that people ski off those things willingly. they looks so tiny next to those 9 ft ski's and aerodynamic outfits. they do fly though and they seem to wear special gloves that they look like they are using a bit to direct their flight. the landing is what i would be nervous about and be unable to enjoy the flight due to that worry.  it's a real worry though. i suspect most of those folks have broken at least one bone in all their days ski jumping.  i do like watching it though.
 guess Russia got its gold in the ice skating team.  there are some strong skaters out there.  they have a young 15 year old.  she is tiny and seems very skilled already.  i must say the taller skaters always just make for a cool line with the jumps and such.  she probably has some growing to do still anyway.  the USA dance team are amazing. they got the highest points ever given in their category.  they are making me like ice dancing.
 clear skies along turnigan arm.  i always enjoy a sunday drive.
 was up into the wee hours watching a few more episodes of downton abbey.  it really does suck you in.  i'll have to send these dvd's back tomorrow and wait for the next ones.  i know i could probably stream it, but waiting makes life so much sweeter some times.
 haven't gotten to todays paper yet.  probably before i crash tonight.  i'm debating heading downstairs after i blog and making cookies.  i can watch late night olympics while they cook and eat cookie dough.  i really shouldn't but i really should!!
 cruised down to Girdwood to take the dogs for a walk.  the meadow area is a bit icy but much better than the beach was yesterday.  nice views surround you of mountains.  blossom was happy chasing her tennis ball, rio was happy to just be with us so it was nice.  i've never really walked around there during the winter.  it's usually groomed for cross country skiing. not enough snow right now. hopefully, that changes soon.
 did notice in the paper that they are considering doing the iditarod restart from Fairbanks.  not sure i'd be able to make that run north.  would be fun though.
 stopped to watch the skiers at Alyeska in Girdwood.  this is our down hill ski area.  supposed to be pretty dang good and i know there are spectacular views out there for sure.
 next stop the conservation center.  why not.  it was 4pm and they are open til 5pm.  i've been meaning to buy an annual pass as i want to support them and then i can cruise by more often.  my grizzly woke up with that warming trend.  they tend to den up in the little cabin out there.  he looks sleepy though, wasn't moving much, so i suspect he'll return to sleep soon now that it's cooler.
 watched the bison for a few minutes. they are always pretty cool.

 nobody charged me today which i appreciated.
 the elk were also active.
 getting ready for valentines day out there it looks like.
 "will you be my valentine?"
 stopped in and checked out the fox
 he was checking us out too.  well blossom i think.  she was actually growling at him.  the lynx she barked at this guy she growled at.  she never seemed to see the bear.  she usually barks at him too.
 old remnants from the '64 quake and tsunami.
 always like when the light hits those mountain tops.
 these are from the drive back to anchorage.
 took my time and stopped often.
 just kept getting pinker and pinker.

 and then it got really orange.

 all kind of cars were pulling over to watch this beauty!!
 once it drops it can go pretty fast.  loved the colours, especially on the water and ice of the arm.
 then at the very end there was this shadowing where the sun had just been.  i've heard of that but i guess i don't really remember seeing it so prominently.
 really loved this after shot.  the colours are just awesome!
 got home and reheated the rest of my chicken from the fried chicken i made last night.  i go on runs of certain foods.  i'll eat certain foods more often for a bit and then switch to other foods.  sometimes i'm on a lo mein run or a taco run or spaghetti or meat loaf. right now it seems to be more chicken.  not that i then eat the same thing every night, just that i crave it more often than other stuff. i haven't had home made lo mein for quite some time...may have to do that soon.
 i'd like to try to make pancit as well.  that is always so tasty when people bring it in to work for pot lucks
 these are back to the same order except with my powershot camera. wasn't too keen on having my more spend camera gear on the ice.  i do feel more stable out there with a kicksled in tow.   thinking i'll settle dogs in after monday walk tomorrow and then hit westchester lagoon after for some fun kicksledding and sunset views.
 lots of cracks which looked cool.

 hard to see all the cool ice formations in the ice or just not good pictures of it.
 more scenery from Turnigan arm.  lots of folks out enjoying the day.  so strange to have so little snow on the ground and in the mountains.

 views from the meadow in girdwood.

 the grasses and plants were all coated with ice crystals.  very cool looking

 views all around.

 back to the conservation center.
 this is where the bears den.  he's got his head out.
 blossom always like these big "kitty cats".  she was barking at him, which always gets his interest.  he had some meat he was chawing at.  he was right by the fence. i put the powershot a foot away.  he did swat towards the fence at me with those big fluffy paws.  i know i'm terrible.  he's so cute though!!

 he looks so sweet!!
 like that the sun was sitting on the mountains.
 not much to say today.  just enjoyed the day!

life is good...

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