Wednesday, February 12, 2014

cold but beautiful day up here.

 these are more pics from yesterdays sunset, taken with the rebel.  i had loads of photo's for yesterday
 i had intended to head out to westchester or lake hood for todays sunset, but i gave myself a mild case of whip lash after my walk today and my muscles are tweaking.
 how did i do that you ask...or you don't i guess, but i shall tell you anyway.  took both dogs for a nice long walk out campbell airstrip way.  we went up the airstrip, up the homestead trail and back down on the connector trail to rovers run.  i loaded the dogs in the car and was in a solid forward motion to get my backpack in the space in front of the passengers seat.  my forward motion was abruptly stopped when my head made solid contact with the car.  i immediately felt the muscles in my neck stiffen up.
 that changed my plans for the day.
 curled up with a heated blanket and took a nap.  a few ibuprofen later on.  will put on a heat wrap i think before i crash for the night.
 the walk was lovely though.  well except that they recently groomed the mushing trails and the selflite (selfish, elite) were out walking on  it.  i mentioned to the jogger lady that she was on a mushing trail and probably shouldn't be.  she knew and said there weren't any teams out..i later saw a team fly past.  her two off leash dogs ran towards me as we spoke and she couldn't call them which point i looked at her and said, "this is why you shouldn't be out here on a mushing trail".  the second guy on the mushing trail at least has his one dog on a short leash. the trail ran close to the main trail and for the bulk of it you could see a team coming for a distance. the walking trail was a bit uneven with ice. he was at least aware.
 i just get so frustrated by so many people out there who believe that none of the rules apply to them, but are only suggestions for them.
 kikkan's day didn't go very well.  in the end i guess her time was 7th overall, sadly her time in her particular preliminary race wasn't enough to get to the next round.  she was in a strong preliminary grouping and finished in 4th my a tiny, tiny amount.  saw her interview with our local tv crew in sochi.  she was crying.  she's usually pretty tough.  i think it was just all hitting her what this meant.  it was no doubt her last chance to get an individual medal in an olympic event.  hopefully the other events for better for her.
 the snowboarder shaun white had a bad day too.  he finished 4th.  they kinda made him out like a cry baby, but i saw his interview after. he was bummed, but when asked about the coarse being bad, he said, it was bad, but it was bad for everyone.  he knew that wasn't an excuse.
 loved the story of the leader at a terrorist camp accidently blowing himself up along with like 21 of his trainee's.  happened north of baghdad.  thankfully, that is 22 less terrorists out there.
 in other news some guy went nuts on a flight from tokyo to new york.  he was held down and zip tied to a seat on the plane.  the plane landed in anchorage and he was arrested and removed.  anchorage is often an emergency landing place.  cold bay has a airstrip long enough for large jets to land on as well.  that one actually was slated as an emergency landing spot for the space shuttle
 apparently 5 doctors from doctors without borders have been abducted by syrian rebels.  so sad, people who are trying to help and to do so without regard for themselves and their safety. it's all so pointless.  the docs were from different nations, Belgian, Denmark, Peru, Sweden and Switzerland.  i hope all the best for their safe return.
 on a more fun, olympic note.  women competed today for ski jumping.  a proud moment for us chicks!!
 these are just a few shots i took out there today. not much really to take photo's of.
 the usual decorated tree out in the middle of nowhere.
 only one more night off.  i've wasted another week off. :-)  it's what i do i guess.
 always a nice view from this open area.
 a few pictures of rio. she's not the easiest dog to get shots of.  she's feeling great and looking good.
 the westminster dog show was on.  the mastiffs never win.  neither do the labradors or goldens. oh well.  this year a wire fox terrier won. those terriers all start to look the same to me.
 and a few of miss blossom. she's always game for a shot!
 posted a puffin shot on my nat geo my shot page. guess lots of folks like that one.  love the internet as it's fun to exchange with people across the globe.  always a reminder that we are all the same in so many ways despite having these different and difficult government issues.  there are folks in every nation that like photographs and photography.  i get people faving my shots from everywhere.  it's so cool
i'm gonna crash. getting tired.

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  1. Just read about your head injury for the first time in your most recent post 2/22. Glad you're ok. Had to say I did the same thing once. Leaning in to put something in the car first I whacked my head against the door opening/frame so hard I literally saw white stars. Thought to myself "That's going to leave a mark." Realized later I had a slight concussion. I hope you're well on the road to recovery. Take care <3