Saturday, March 14, 2009

another day at the dog park

trying to post some pictures for this blog for days. for some reason it keeps saying i'm not connected to the internet even though i am. it's quite frustrating. the blog is much more fun with the pictures i think. it may be an issue with blogger and the connection. i just posted the pictures i'd tried to post here to my facebook without any issue so...i wish i was more of a computer expert!

oh well...sorry. i really think it's the blogger website. i'm quite sleepy today. just finished 3 nights. peds was crazy, but i had sweet assignments both nights. i had one cute baby the past 2 nights. she has rsv...a typical winter ailment for babies.

decadant....i bought ben and jerry's chocolate macadamia at the store today. i love macadamia nuts covered with chocolate or fudge...not sure i like the crunch of nuts in ice cream though. tasty though..can't complain. shopping when sleepy can be problematic.

well, one dog perished in the iditarod within a few days. always makes me sad. i'm always a bit mixed on the race. those dogs do love to run and will literally run til they die, but i feel like everything should be done to try and ensure thier safety. i guess my latest feeling is that the mushers should be required to stay awake as long as they are in motion . i guess this is not always the case...i know it's a distance race and they probably get goofy from lack of sleep, but just seems prudent as a safety issue for the dogs. i guess the leader fell asleep the other day and ended up quite lost... he was able to get turned around once he backtracked and was still in lead. mackey looks like he will win again for year 3. i'd love to have an iditarod adventure. it's really a pricey endeavor and would take years of training a team. don't see that happening. just seems like an awesome way to cover this great land of alaska. dogs and amazing scenery. the stories from the trail are just so fun to read about. overall, there are over 1000 dogs running and so i guess it shouldn't be too surprising that each year there will be loss. it does get animal rights activists up in arms...and this could cut corporate sponsership and end the great race one day. i think they do try and make it as good for the dogs as possible, there is always risk to the animal and human athletes, just seems the dogs are the ones that really get the brunt. seems like any solutions should be entertained. a discussion at work got a bit heated last night. of course, this particular co-worker tends to get heated at strange times over odd things. she was in a bit of an argumentive mood last night. so the topic came up and i mentioned making a rule of no sleep on the sled while in motion and she didn't think it would make any difference and so what if a dead dog gets dragged down a trail cause a guy is sleeping, it's dead anyway. wow! wasn't expecting that. i mean i know it's true in some sense, but i would be horrified to see a dead dog dragged down a trail while the musher sleeps unaware. that seems like it should be the normal reaction. anyway...she then decided that this was the same as the local military doing training in thier lands that abutt anchorage and that when this happens moose move into anchorage and are at greater risk of getting killed in traffic encounters. i'm still not seeing how those two things are the same at all...eventually, i just turned away from this convoluted and silly discussion as i knew there would be no positive outcome. some people don't discuss, they just get pissed. better to jsut back off. so for me, overall i'm still a fan of the iditarod but i'm always a bit anxious for the dogs and sad when a dog passes. on a good note...they did find the one dog that took off and he is safe. kinda amazing that they can find a white dog out there, but happily they did.

just put in my movie for the evening. subtitles so i probably should pay some attention. it's called, "priceless" with audrey tautou. it's later, the movie has ended. pretty good. i like audrey tautou flicks. in this one she is trying to seduce wealthy older men for security purposes and ends up falling for a common dude. ah...romance!

the weather today was amazing. when the sun was shining down you could even feel warmth. took the girls for a few laps around the dog park. always a favorite hang out for the dogs. i've been going so long that i know many of the regulars. there are some nice folks out there at the ol dog park. dog people...them's my kind of folk.

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