Monday, March 30, 2009

dog park in the ash...

went to the dog park yesterday with the girls. i attempted to put on thier doggles, but they had those removed before they hit the curb from the parking lot. they seemed fine though. my eyes are dry and sore from the ash and i was oddly exhausted after the walk which i thought might be from the ash inhalation as well. who knows? after blossom lost her tennis ball to her swimming session in the creek she started wrestling with rio. i just thought this picture was funny as her leg looks freaky. you can see all the grey ash in the snow in these shots. people came out to the dog park as the day wore on. i think the town was pretty quiet in the morning. below blossom takes a little swim in the creek. she hadn't noticed that her toy had sank. her dog buddy, naughty, had destroyed the tennis ball. he can pop one in a second. it's kinda annoying actually.

here is rio at the dog park in the ash covered snow. below is the moose from the other day that was freaked by the wind at prospect heights trail....the picture below that is just another ash shot...well, i'm off to meet friends for the monday walk...more exciting news later...


  1. #1 LOL I can't believe Blossom goes swimming when it's so cold! Her fur must freeze up when she gets out doesn't it?

    #2 I lived in Washington State when Mt. St. Helens blew so I know ash too. It was everywhere. Creepier still is I remember being out in our backyard playing when we looked up and the sky went dark and the cloud started coming our way... Was like a sci fi movie or something. Then the ash started falling. It was everywhere.

  2. lots of friends had that same freaky experience. a few were in girdwood skiing, it went black and then came the ash. she said it was totally creepy.

  3. oh...and blossom seems to not notice the cold. she gets out, rolls around on the snow and is back to playing. silly dog!