Sunday, March 29, 2009

redoubt ash in anchorage...

above is the ash that fell to the windshield wipers thru the night. my before and after pictures got swapped...sorry. can't figure out how to unswap them.
so the picture below is taken from my bedroom window saturday evening about the time that redoubt was blowing yet again. we were under ash warning til at least 1am and i retook the picture this morning and you can see that one above with all the color changes from the ash collected through the night. i thought it was pretty impressive for being 100 miles away from redoubt. before and after are swapped so above is cat prints in ash covered snow..below are mufasa's prints in the regular snow. he is a pretty old and thin cat so he only ventured outside for literally i minute before opting to return to the relative warmth of the house. i say relative because i've kept the thermostat set at about 65 F all winter to save on fuel costs. i do have a little space heater by the couch that has come in handy.

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