Tuesday, March 17, 2009

shamrock green...

i hope i was influenced by it being st patricks day. i've just ordered the tiles for the bathroom. the yellow i had wanted wasn't available anymore...procrastination! oops. so my cool tile seems to pop more with the green or the navy blue. i feared the blue may be too dark for the entire shower stall. so i went with the shamrock green. i hope it turns out good. this bathroom project could be too much. want to cut some costs so i will get the tub reglazed and all that and see if i can just put a new counter top on and paint the cabinets. guess i'll paint the walls a yellow color. the floor will be mostly the navy blue with a green tiled in "floormat" with the accent tiles put in that. will my vision turn into a dream or a nightmare? will whatever people buy the house after me one day be horrified or intrigued? they are on order. i guess at this point anything is better than a hole in the shower wall.

dont' think i mentioned the tracks i saw yesterday were bear tracks. no wild tracks today,but i was with other humans and dogs so probably not as focused on the world around me. turned out to be a lovely day. it took me a few hours at the tile place. i'm sure i drive them nuts despite the fact that i'm a pretty small job. i tend to do that. i know i worked my real estate agents for far more than they earned off of me. it took me at least 6 months to settle on this place. i have a little issue with commitment. hehe.

was a bit bummed today. across the street from the floor place is the dog wash. it's been a great place to take the dogs for self service dog wash. it's closed. they were always busy and just remodeled so it was really shocking that they up and closed like that. they turned away dogs for doggie day care as they were so busy. very odd. i called my friend quinton and chatted with him a bit...we both have used that place lots. he moved to wyoming. i hate when cool people move away. he was always just a good and dependable friend. we just got each other.

got this nasty canker sore. it's driving me nuts this week. those stupid things really hurt. keep trying to numb it, but it only sorta takes away the ache. such a bother.


  1. I miss Quinton too. It was a total blow when he moved away. When I told my mom he was leaving she said "But what will you do without Quinton?" Sigh.

    I stopped going to the dog wash when they raised their prices. $20 to wash my dog? I thought $15 was expensive but they topped it. So now I wash him in the shower for whatever the hot water costs. But you know...if the Dog Wash is gone, there's a hole in the market for another....


  2. i'm really bummed about the dog wash. rio is so big it's hard to get her into a shower stall. she doesn't understand the whole get over the tub rim thing. would love to run the dog wash...would be a fun job..dog wash and doggy day care. too much time spent at work i fear though. they were always busy so i'm still baffled why they tanked?

  3. I've never even heard of a dog wash. Life is full of unexpected things to learn! :o)

    Your tiles sound cool. I'll be waiting for a picture when it's all done.

    I hate canker sores. I sometimes have three at a time--large ones, that make it difficult to eat and talk. I usually end up pressing salt onto them. I tear up from pain, but it seems to numb them for hours.

  4. the self serve dog wash is fabulous. all the mess and hair is left behind and you walk out with a clean dog! they have dryer cages too so they aren't soaking wet.
    there is a picture of the accent tile a few blogs back here...i loved it when i saw it.
    i think my canker is almost gone. they are a pain. can't eat many pringles or pretzels or my whole mouth is full of them. there are these cool qtip things that you can buy to dull the canker pain.

    oh well..off to work...