Sunday, March 1, 2009

from myspace...rainy days

still love a rainy day. will be awhile before i get to have one again. still a few months of winter left. rio has had her brace for going on 2 years now and is doing great with it. i still haven't met a man who can keep me entertained so i stick to the dogs. though not sure i am quite the catch...i tend to always leave drawers, closets and cupboards open, am okay with leaving dishes in the sink, have animals and all the time and attention they take. i am an okay cook, but not that great. i liked my beef stew tonight, but my attempt at adding parsley dumplings didn't work. oh well.
the above pictures i took this week. the truck is how dog teams travel around alaska. some trucks have cute cut outs for each dog to peek out of and then the sleds are on top. kinda cool to have all this in a bigger city. the other picture i took today. it's fur rondy and there are many events, including dog sled races. at the end of my connector street is a great park in anchorage that backs to the chugach range....the teams run through there so i stopped and watched them from afar. thought it looked cool. then i took the dogs for a walk and hoped to get another peek from a distance...guess i was too late. can't get close cause off leash dogs and sled dogs don't match. it takes them over 50 feet to stop a team of dogs so you don't want to get in thier way...that and you will get sworn at.
looks like is still have to make it easy for people to make comments. i'd love the blog to be interactive and so need to make that simple.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
every day a little rain must fall..... Current mood: dorky
less fell today though so i had no excuse like yesterday to totally hole up..luckily for me, i have no life so i can enjoy laying about reading a book and chilling with dogs guilt free. we did get the requisite dog walks in. always 2 now. really not that unusual for dog owners. i've decided i need to hunt out a few new local friends. i have a few i totally enjoy chilling with, but there are a few who i really don't have much in common with and they really just annoy me at times. i can be pretty selective. i'm guessing that is why i never got married. i've dated many men, but none that struck me as lifetime material. i guess another way to say this is to say i'm a bit of a snob. the thing is if i don't want to hang out with people i just don't. some people just can't stand being alone ever and would rather be with people they can't stand than be alone. i see many relationships that are the same way, people stay together for fear of being alone. i stay alone for fear of being married and in a miserable relationship. in my humble opinion marriage can be great if you find a great partner and hell if you don't. the odds are against the great partner and being alone most of the time just doesn't really suck.
the weather was a bit blustery today...spoke to linda and we both love that winnie the pooh word. well, i'm sure it was a word before winnie the pooh, but it always reminds us both of the pooh bear. the leaves are falling and it's really nice out. no moose today on either walk. took blossom and rio in the am and then blossom and i went for another longer stretch later. we have to sneak out on poor rio who can't cope with being left alone. tomorrow she gets fitted for her splint. hope that goes well...then in the afternoon the storm door gets installed. i guess i got a few things done today...a load of laundry, the dishwasher got emptied and refilled, the patio furniture is put

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