Sunday, March 15, 2009

irish dancing and polar bears...

okay, so really those two things have nothing to do with each other. i was finally able to upload pictures again today...but only one at a time and it didn't always take. computers can be annoying, but today i didn't get annoyed, i just read the sunday paper while i waited. yes...a real newspaper! i still love to chill with an actual paper in the mornings. in the summers i take my paper on the back deck in the sun, in the winter i usually crawl back under the warm blankets and read til i fall back to sleep. winter can be a time of many naps. i go with the flow...summer light, stay awake, winter dark...sleep.
so these were just some of my favorite pictures of the bears. they are just so cute rolling around. i was obsessed by those huge feet. they left huge round prints in the snow. of course, i'd hate to have those claws coming at me. polar bears are the one bear that actually views humans as a potential food source. grizzly's will occasionally eat human, but they really don't see us as prey. we are a last resort. i suppose polar bears food sources are so limited that it's always last resort. was yakking with a seal biologist on st george island and he was telling about the time he was in the far north of alaska studying seals. he had a native guide with him and his crew and they had traveled by snowmachine (apparently in the lower 48 these are called snowmobiles). as they started working on a seal he noticed the native guide kept jumping on the snowmachine and looking all around. he asked why and the native guide told him they weren't the only ones looking for seal. after that, he said they all were looking around a bit more carefully. becoming polar bear feast sounds rather unpleasant.

this last polar bear is curiously checking us out on our tundra buggy. he's got his paws on the top of the tire. the tires were 5 feet tall.
as to the irish dancing. my friend tanya's daughter was going to be in this show. i figured it to be one of those little recital type things. how long could it take. they gave us a program and there was an intermission scheduled. i knew i was in trouble. how much irish dancing can a girl take. it's kinda cool, but probably more fun to dance than to watch. i'm sure the older girls were quite good. they were very focuses so it didn't seem that most of them were enjoying themselves all that much. plus they dance with these stiff arms. reminded me of the seinfeld episode where elaines co-worker didn't move her arms when she walked. i kept thinking of that episode as i sat there watching these girls dance with stiff arms. just seemed so bizarre to me. then the other oddity was that they all wear these silly curly wigs. it's part of the get up. my friends group of little kids was fun to watch. kids on a just never know what they will do. that is always entertaining. so the show was 3 hours long. i had planned to get home and make some phone calls. i was invited out to dinner. this was good, just a much longer evening than i had envisioned. pictures weren't allowed in the show as they feared loss of choreography. silly.
luckily, we taken the dogs for a nice walk. it was so pretty out today. we walked up at prospect heights trailhead. seems everyone in anchorage was out enjoying the nice day. all the trailheads i drove past were packed and the sledding hills had much activity. blossom and indy wrestled quite a bit.
mackey looks like he'll win the iditarod again. a few friends have flown up to be in nome for the end of the race. that actually sounds like a blast. one day....i have enough to plan for this summers trips. i'm excited though. road trip to deadhorse, another roadtrip across the denali highway with kelly and of course, a ferry ride from kodiak island out the aleutian chain to dutch harbor! i'll be broke, but it will be worth it.
i'm sleepy....

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