Wednesday, March 4, 2009

just another day in the snow...

this is one of two moose from today. the first showed up this morning when i let the dogs out for thier morning romp in the yard. she was just beyond the back fence. i brought blossom back in so the poor moose could use the trail easement without being pestered. this moose took blossom a few to notice and we weren't downwind so rio didn't pick up on it either...yet. she was in the bog by the house. most encounters are just pleasant. i have had other not so pleasant encounters where you turn a corner and next thing you know some ticked off moose is bearing down on you. that is alot of animal to have running at you. luckily, most wild animals seem to prefer to not attack humans. just a waste of thier energy. i also had a moose dream after the first encounter. all my family was here and for some reason i had a baby moose in the yard i was caring for. my eldest brother left the gate open and the moose got out so we had to round it back up and put it back in the yard. i often get back in bed after the first dog feed/yard walk. they are used to eating at 8 am...the time i get home from work. i'm not really happy with the 8 am thing, but i do understand what it feels like to be hungry. i can get cranky...they don't get cranky, but blossom does give me the stare and whine in the am.
so i often try to get pictures of blossom doing her frisbee catching thing. it's tough to throw the frisbee, grab the camera and focus in on a subsequently, i'm happy for the digital delete abilities. a few today didn't come out too badly. i'd love to get video. the dog really can leap. her back legs spread out as she reaches out for the frisbee. quite impressive. people often comment.

between throws rio seemed to need a photo moment. this is part of the park loop near my place. this is a big grassy field in the summer...well it can be a bit boggy, mosquito's, ducks and pooling water. this place is best in the winter. rio wore her horse coat today. it was the first coat i made for her. she seems to appreciate it on cold days.

after i settled rio into her nap i took blossom out for some skijoring. this is her harness and she is supposed to pull me on my ski's. i just took the regular cross country skies today. i've decided the boots are too small, will have to try and fix that issue. i'm just not talented enough yet at the skate skiing for skijoring yet. having blossom on the harness with the bouncy rope can be a bit frustrating. she doesn't get the pull thing for the most part and enjoys sniffing and visiting others who happen by on the trail. this is one of the main multiuse trails in town. these are lit up whenever it's dark and groomed for everyones pleasure. today there were walkers, joggers, bikers (they have big tires, spiked at times and down hand thingees on the handlebars) there were also lots of skiers, skate and regular and skijorers. it can be quite crazy out there...

i think she looks rather adorable with her harness on...of course, she is supposed to be facing the other way. you train the dog to heel and then ask them to's a bit confusing. so i burned a few calories today, but otherwise i must say it was a pretty lazy day.
was out for quite awhile yesterday as well. lots of snow this week. not in inches, but it's always fun to be out in the snow. i went to rovers run and partway through the trail i started getting calls from my friend kelly and we tried to make plans to meet up on the trail..that can be tough as the phone calls kept cutting off. i had almost finished one loop when we finally caught up with each other...the call before the last i thought she said "go on the groomed trail towards the bridge" i guess there was a "don't" before that that didn't come through. she figured out that i must be several hundred feet in front of her walking in the same direction and gave another call. so cell phones are great, but they can be limiting at times. all was well and we got a good laugh out of it all. so we did another loop. saw a moose on the second loop. rio didn't notice it til we passed...wind and smell thing. i was short a layer and spent the afternoon trying to reheat.
on the second loop we also ran into an older lady that i have chatted with on these trails since arriving in anchorage in 2001. embarrassed to say that i still don't know her name. she is really nice and kinda a hero of mine. she has got to be close to 70 or over 70 but she is totally fit. she was out skate skiing yesterday. i guess she had to put her giant schnauzer to sleep, epilepsy, and she's thinking she wants a labradoodle like blossom. i put my name and number on her car, but i think i finally cleaned the bulletin board over my desk and tossed the paper with blossoms breeders name. i found her original contract thing and called the number there, but it was a recorded message all jesus'y. very strange. not sure if that was him and he became born again or if the number has changed. it freaked me out so i just hung up.
must tell a great rio tale. was chatting with my friend sandra about the days plans. my recycling is all sorted and i loaded it up...she was impressed that i sorted it all and took labels off cans and all that. the element was packed as it's been well over a month since i went to the center....i put the dogs in for the monday walk and then thought i had time to go the auto car hasn't been washed since fall. anyway...that was really nuts. we get into the auto cleaner and the water is spraying the car and rio is trying to chase the sound all over the car...the recycling went everywhere...all my sorting was for not. all i could do was laugh. stupid dog...luckily i was early for the monday walk and andrea was late so i was able to let them out and clean up the mess in the car.
watched my netflix flick last night..."the waitress" it was strange, okay, not one i'd watch again, but not like i felt like i wasted my time either. guess i'll go read for a bit. i'm sleepy...back to work tomorrow night.

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