Monday, March 16, 2009

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some pictures i took today. the license plate...these are the coolest plates i've ever seen. these can be found in the northwest territory of canada and now also in nunivat of canada. they are in the shape of the polar bear and are pretty hard to come by. hard to even get vehicles up to those northern places.

below are my flowers in full bloom. very pretty. it may be winter outside,but it's spring inside!

these two pictures are from the hike today. the moose has a bit of the snow on her. she was just chilling. luckily, the wind was right and rio didn't notice her. blossom is only interested in me throwing the toy and could care less about moose...usually anyway.

blossom got lots of snowballs in her toes today, but chased that tennis ball for the entire trek. happiness is a little yellow ball!

i finally did watch schindlers list. thought they did a really good job on it. i especially loved that they took survivors past his grave. rewards don't always come in this life for good deeds. it does remind you that you touch people even when you aren't aware you are.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
HAPPY HOWLOWEEN!!!! Current mood: contemplative
yes, another howloween has come and gone. it's been a busy week here...well not really, but busy for me. blossom turned 2 on saturday and she was made dog of the day on dogster that same day. i know for most that would seem silly, but that is a fun site and i figure there are worse places people waste time. at least there i connect with like people and actually help people from time to time. i knew something was up saturday when my yahoo mailbox had over 60 messages. well wishers from dogster sending gifts and pup pal requests. tonight we had agility class again. agility is fun, but the instructors in this class are way too serious. oh well. you'd think we were training our dogs for the agility olympics or something..but i guess everyone needs thier passion. mine is the dogs, but not agility per se. we had loads of trick or treaters stop by tonight, despite being gone for an hour for class. i think it was because it's unseasonably warm. it was rainy and windy this morning and i jsut wanted to lounge in bed and read. still reading that schindlers list. it's a bit depressing so i have to switche to something else before i really am trying to sleep so i don't have bad dreams. i just can't imagine so much hardship. it's like the world is full of serial killers and a crazy person like hitler allows them to live out their dream. like as soon as they could legally kill people all the closet serial killers rush out and readily start gunning people down. it's scarey that there are so many people in any society who are willing to kill each other if given the opportunity. i always think about pets too. no doubt many animals were heartlessly torn from familes and killed as well. these reigns of terror seem to recur in our world. they continue's just so hard to imagine when we live in such relative peace. we are at war in afghanistan and iraq and yet so few of us really are personally touched by that. we can live our lives out daily with little thought of what goes on over there. i remember after watching that movie about daniel pearl just driving home and realizing what a blessing it is to live where people in general follow traffic laws. i mean people speed and all that, but in many of these countries, just trying to drive on the roads is a battle. our lives are orderly for the most part.
so anyway....another halloween passes and we are here awaiting our first real snowstorm. i have yet to get those tires changed over...oops. my life is simple, with simple problems that i have created myself. i am blessed and i'm grateful for all that i have been given and embarrassed sometimes at how little i have given back, how little i have accomplished with all i was given. not that i will beat myself up...just that i am human, with my own flaws and with a desire to do a little better each day. i always loved that saying "practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty". sometimes being kind is the best gift we can give each other. a smile, a laugh, giving is a cheap and simple gift.

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