Sunday, March 1, 2009

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i did like that movie. i really should just write a daily list of things to be grateful for...there is so much i love about life. it's all about the simple things. today those things were watching the dog teams go by, listening to a woodpecker go at it, seeing the clumps of snow on the tops of all the spindly alaskan trees, the fog on the mountaintops and always watching the peace of a dog sleeping. they do relaxation so well. i'll put in a few more pictures from this is a moose print in the snow and the other is a bunch of pine cones from a fallen tree. i had taken pictures of lynx prints the other day, but they didn't come out very clearly. those lynx tread lightly.

Monday, September 24, 2007
"the ultimate gift" Current mood: contemplative
just watched this movie...shared the couch with the dogs. hadn't really heard about this movie, but i really enjoyed it. it has a great but simple message. one we can never hear too often. i love perspective movies. i love movies that just make you laugh as well. the young actress also starred in "little miss sunshine" a fun movie. some kids really do a great job. that dakota fanning is amazing to me as well.
i think it's easy to forget all the gifts that we recieve and how much we have. at the end of the movie they do a little recap of clips of the movie and the gift recieved....friendship, family, love, giving, gratitude, a day, laughter....can't recall them all. i liked too that the movie didn't catagorize what any of those things were. love wasn't just romance, family wasn't just blood. gifts are found everywhere and all one has to do is be aware.
today the best gifts were in the fall colours. they are at thier peak. soon the leaves will start falling like crazy, but today....the colours are just astounding...took the dogs to the dog park and i loved all the reflections of the trees on the lake. snuggling on the couch with the dogs is always a gift. animals have always been a source of comfort and joy to me. i see that in others as well. i remember taking butch to visit my grandfather at the nursing home and those sad elderly people there just couldn't get to that dog fast enough. animals give without expecting, they accept without noticing any flaws, they are happy with the smallest things and always happy upon your return....even if you just went out to get the mail. invest in an animal and you will always get the greatest return for your time.
decided to have a party on sunday. haven't had one for quite awhile. summers get hectic up here, it's hard to get people together as everyone wants to enjoy all alaska has in those short months available. i wrote out a few notes....i'm calling it the please teach my dog not to jump on people party... hopefully, tomorrow there will be room for me to put blossom in a rally class. i was planning on calling today...totally forgot!! it's a recovery day. working 4 nights always makes me lose my brain a bit. anyway, hard to know who all will show up to these pool parties. ( i made my garage into a pool hall a few years back). my parties are always dog friendly and so lots of that gift of laughter thing happens.
plastic is up in several windows now to ward off the cold, the storm door is supposed to get put in tomorrow morning. rio got her measurements for her splint finished so i got a few things accomplished today. the added perk of planning a party is it forces me to really clean the house. after i got my pool table i remember talking to mom and i mentioned that i had people over so i'd clean the house and mom commented that she also did that...i just laughed and said, "yea, but i think you always forgot the part about cleaning the house". i'm not the best housekeeper, but i guess i am a bit better than mom. there is some pack rat in the genes, but i have my give it all away to good will moments as well. as a kid i used to clean out mom's cupboards, closets, friends told me in the past that i'm an organized mess. i can generally find everything, it just isn't always tidy.
sopogi just crawled in my lap so i guess i'll go see what is up on dogster/catster before i head to bed and my novel. i should add, the gift of down time to that list...

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