Thursday, November 22, 2012

a day of thanks...

 but mostly a day of rest.  still resting.  i'm on call...the phone could ring at any moment.
 part of me would be fine with the call in for overtime as long as it comes at a reasonable time.  hate when the phone rings at 3 or 4 in the hard to get your brain functioning again after being in a deep sleep.
 took both dogs out for some turns around the north bivouac trailhead.  it was cold again, i had my skhoop on though so i didn't get as cold as yesterday.  still curled up with the dvd player for a nap.
 spoke to a few siblings which is always nice.  perhaps next year i'll head south for the holiday.  travel is such a hassle over the holiday though.  would be cool to visit live though.  it's been awhile.
 averted a political discussion, not always easy, but i just said, it was thanksgiving and we weren't going to have this discussion, then i made an abrupt change in topic.  there was a brief silence, but then the conversation commenced sans political crap.  i just prefer to discuss how peoples kids are or how things are in their day to day lives.
also called my sister a few times, this evening to tell her she needs to do the homemade noodles next time she makes turkey noodle soup.  it really is way better.
 hopefully, everyone had a good turkey day. i enjoyed leftovers, which is the best part of the thanksgiving dinner!  made some mashed taters this afternoon to go with the leftover gravy.
 lots of sunshine out today, while it lasts.  i'm ready for clouds.....more snow!!
 still enjoying all the frost out there.
 so a quiet thanksgiving day for me.  i'm begining to believe that i have serious social issues.  holidays are these blatant reminders of our inability to blend socially.  holidays aren't for are forced to merge with all the other humans, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable.
 fortunately, most other days of the year my lack of social skills are mostly hidden in my introverted lifestyle.
 have wasted my day for the most part, watching old big bang episodes.
 frost on the little bridge on the tank trail.

 oh's a day to be thankful...and i am.  thankful for a simple life in a beautiful place, with wonderful dogs and furry cats!  grateful for family, even if we don't see eye to eye at times or see each other often enough.  thankful for my little home.  thankful for the peace that i am able to live my life in and the safety with which i carry out my day to day life.
 thankful to have a job, when others don't. thankful for an education and opportunities that are refused other females on this earth.  heard about saudi women who now are tracked when they travel and the males that are responsible for them get texted when they do any sort of travel.  so strange. would be annoying as a single female to have to have my brothers permission to go or do anything.  
 coming up the tank trail.  we ran into an adorable goldendoodle puppy.  she was so adorable!!
i shall attempt to get some rest, not easy for me when i know the phone may ring.  holiday night, drinking and driving, crazy holiday emotions...anything is possible!!

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