Tuesday, November 6, 2012

just another lovely day for a walk...

 great to have tanya back with us.  yippee!  also joined by karen and lena.  the stable crew.  speedy was doing moving tasks and hoping the big grizzly that left footprints all around their new place didn't show up.  blossom is looking for her lastest tennis ball.  she is still flummuxed by the current thing and had set her tennis ball down in this toy to sniff around.  it's just so curious where those things go?  i was able to get her to understand gravity,but current has always baffled her.  i will say on her behalf that she does seem to be catching on some as she did eventually step out of hole and look downstream on the other side of the little bridge there...her back feet are on said bridge.  no luck...the toy is under the bridge til spring thaw now.
 at least it made it almost the entire 4 miles without getting lost. i like to think of all the lost tennis balls as donations to less fortunate dogs out there.
 the light is always beautiful here.  forgot about daylight savings and the sun set at 4:30. it's getting earlier and earlier. blossom forgot as well and woke me at 7 am for breakfast, which isn't served until 8 am.
 rio has no schedule, she is very obliging that way.  today she opted out of the walk.  she just gets herself all settled on that couch.  just noticed a second bump lower down on her back tonight. seems to be moveable so probably another cyst.  poor girl.  i can relate to this aging thing.
 the kaladi's after was lovely as well.  we polished off the last loaf of pumpkin bread. it was  well received by all who partook.
 i felt ready for bed by 7 thinking it was close to midnight.  the light plays tricks on your brain.  since it was so early i got on the computer and started working on the calendars for this year.  realized that many photo's had yet to be loaded to my shutterfly...sad as i was really convinced in my brain that they were all loaded and ready to go and i just had some october ones to add.  so that seemed like a good thing to work on while i read my readers digest and ceu book.
 still have the bulk of the iditarod photos to load from the restart.
 cooked a turkey breast in the crock pot all day.  they are so tasty and moist when cooked this way.  then i had to make homemade mashed taters and gravy to go with it.  this big thanksgiving style meal may have accounted for me being more tired that usual.  i'll blame it on the light and not on overeating.
 my evening big bang fix was superceeded by some election crap. i will vote tomorrow, but really can't wait to have this all over with.  the phone rang and i stupidly picked it up ( is it still a swear word if you use it to describe yourself? hmmm..) anyway...it was another political call...i could have kicked myself for picking up the phone. you'd think i would know better.
 this frost was around the little bridge that blossom lost her toy too.
 do encourage all to vote.  many people worked long and hard to give us that right and many continue to put their lives on the line to protect that right.  it just saddens me how many people skip it.  i still like to go live.  i'm off so i should miss the crowds.
 blossom in the hole...no it isn't cold water in her mind.  it never is.  water is water in blossoms world.
 supposed to snow tonight.  it has been but very lightly.  no accumulation noted  as yet.
 will try for pool tomorrow.  avoid the bulk of election night coverage.  no matter how many are swimming you get your head under water and it's like there is nobody there.
 blossom quickly forgot her tennis ball as soon after the bridge we ran into this mama moose and her young calf pretty close to the trail.  where is rio when you need her nose.  she would have given us the heads up on the encounter. all went well.  the moose took off with her baby up that small incline and on we went.
 baby looks back at us with our menagerie of large dogs.
well, now it it after midnight so i shall turn in.  hopefully, i can finish loading pictures tomorrow and get more done on the calendar...

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