Thursday, November 22, 2012

shoulda worn my skhoop...

 was out for awhile with blossom and it's pretty dang cold out there.  my arse was numb.  strange that i can take my gloves off and take pictures and i take my hat off going uphill as i am hot, yet my arse gets cold.  that is the place where i have all my fat...shouldn't my arse always be warm?
above is my lovely town of anchorage.  smallish really, near 300,000 i think.  it has it's share of big city issues, but having grown up in Los Angeles area i love the small townishness of it.
 i also love anchorage because there were some wise folks out there when this city was growing who made sure to set aside outdoor spaces.  it really has an amazing trail system that can be enjoyed all seasons.
 took me awhile to get motivated to go out today.  so many plans...oh well.  i did manage to get out and about finally.  i headed up to prospect heights trailhead and did and extended loop out there with blossom.  rio again stayed home.  i'd worn her out sufficiently the day before.
 blossom requires new challenges every day...though she didn't seem in any big hurry to get out today either. i was sore from yesterdays spencer loop.  those hills kick my arse.  not enough for me to part with said arse, but enough to feel it the next day a bit.
 blossom seems to have enjoyed her day out though.  she never gets cold.  i'm sure she would over time, but she's an alaskan dog through and through.
 there were a few areas with some cool ice crystals.  sometimes the little powershot takes better shots than the rebel.  i still find, oddly, that i tend to shoot with the powershot always with my left hand.  so strange as i'm totally right handed and am terrible at all other things i attempt to do left handed.  i guess this means if i lost my right arm for some reason i may be able to adapt.  hopefully, i am able to keep my limbs intact.
 the flakes of crystals were quite large in some places.  flakes 1-2 inches across.  so pretty.
 by the time i'd gotten to where these were the sun was behind the trees and stuff so  not the best light out there.
 took me a few hours to reheat after i got home. more plans dashed as i snuggled in with the electric throw and took a nap.  finally my arse got feeling back.  will wear the skhoop next time i walk.
 blossom tears it up on the trail.
 no signs of bears out there today.  lots of moose tracks, but no moose sightings either.  still hoping for a lynx to show up for me to photograph.  no luck so far.
 not many clouds out as you can see.  i like clouds.  saw some near the beach when i was where i could see the views.
 after my nap i started cooking up some turkey noodle soup.  i'd thought about that soup the last part of the walk as i was starting to get chilled. did an extra loop up there and the sun went down so i started to feel the cold a bit more. nothing dangerous.  i'm out in the cold all the time.  but i do know what chilled to the bone means after having lived up here.  i'd heard that term before but it really didn't sink in til i was here for a winter.
 sadly, i was sure i had bought noodles for the soup. i looked and looked and then since i had no desire to return out to the cold night air...i made homemade noodles.  i've only done this a few times before.  it actually is worth the effort as it's tasty.  you are supposed to let the noodles sit out for a few hours to harden, but i'm never that patient so after 1/2 hour i dumped them in the broth.  love it!!
 had kinda wanted to hit the pool and maybe a movie.  today is a day of rest i guess.  a  break before i start back to work for 4 nights.  not sure how busy it is there.  there may be a pot luck.  i can take the bags of chips in  i guess.
 no invites to any thanksgiving meals.  happily i had the squatch and gobble.  should do that every year.  will just enjoy a hike out again tomorrow with the dogs.  much to be thankful for...mostly for the critters that share my life and keep me from loneliness.  thankful for my humble home that in many other parts of the world would be considered a mansion. i know that my pets and i live better than a vast percentage of humans on this earth.
 i'm also very grateful to live in a place and time where i'm not terrified every minute from the possibility of a bomb dropping on me.  that i can freely wander about and live my life.  where i was able to be educated and hold a job and speak my mind.
 grateful to live in this amazing place and be able to take pictures and share them on this crazy thing called the internet.  above is sleeping lady (susitna)  below you can see fire island
 across the inlet is redoubt.
 you know it's cold when your braid freezes solid.  blossom is totally unimpressed.
 here is the noodle making process.  i have no fancy noodle making machine.  no room in my tiny kitchen really.
 more frost...with the macro lens.

 this stoppage of activity is actually when i started to get chilled.
 as long as you keep moving you do okay.  but when i see something cool. i have to stop. i can't walk away.

 they were just so huge and cool

 happy thanksgiving all.  hopefully, i will at least chat with a few family members tomorrow before i head to work for my stretch.
here is denali in all it's glory and alpenglow. will watch a movie and call it an early night...

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