Friday, November 9, 2012

just another day of cold, ice and snow...

 but i still love it.  am on call for the adult icu.  last time i attempted to write a blog note while on call, the phone rang as i wrote.  hope that isn't going to be how it always goes.  probably shouldn't have taken the on call, but woke up early and didn't ever really get back to sleep.  eventually i just got up and took the dogs for a loop in the bog.  yesterday i just did a loop with blossom out at campbell airstrip.  rio stayed home.  she seemed to enjoy her walk today though.  thought above shot turned out pretty of the main creek.
 every day you return and it all looks so different.  no river is to be trusted when it comes to where it may wander in any season, but winter adds a new twist with all the ice.
 last night put me at the edge of my ability to be patient.  i always say a little prayer as i head to work.  yes, i do pray.  i always start with a metta prayer i like, then i ask god for patience and to not hurt anyone in the 12 hours among other things.  i needed the patience last night.  at times when people get very, very sick and are starting to recover  a smidgee,(it's a very slow process) anyway, they can be very dependant, anxious and needy.  in the icu you will generally have 2 pretty sick patients.  i know she just wanted me to sit there with her in her room.  it's got to be scary i'm sure.  so weak you can barely move, dependant on others and with tubes all over the place.  she hit that nurse call light almost q 5 minutes...even when i was in the room with her.  then in the room she did the clucking thing with her tongue to the roof of her mouth to get my attention anytime i turned away from her.  that gets on your last nerve. you are trying to be patient and understanding, but it is so annoying.  i'm very organized in my work, which you need to be with all we have to do...she just totally throws off your rhythm.
 guess she has wanted the police called in because she's been forced to get into a chair against her will or something like that.  i'm sure  the police just laugh when they get phone calls from the hospital.
 that happened to me once.  i had a patient that was going crazy.  screaming, trying to pull all her stuff out and leave. she was sure we were holding her against her will and were going to harm her.   she was not with it at all.  she was with it enough to call 9-1-1 though.  the operator keeps the person on the line while someone else calls the unit and see's if they really do need to come out or if yet another patient is in a state of psychosis.  you know you are having a bad night when....
 these are at the little creek at the other end of the runway at campbell airstrip.
 if facebook posts are any indicators of how washington will now cooperate with each other, there is no hope!
 think i'm almost done with my continued ed.  will be able to go online hopefully and get that documented, then get my license renewed and be legal! oh boy, oh boy.
 blossom was happy of course, she always is and she chased her toy all day.  haven't found a home for that cute bernard, but i keep spreading the word.  i'm sure he'll find some nice place to wag his tail.
 this is back at the main creek, a bit upstream of the larger bridge.  i was here less than 10 days ago and took a few pictures.  the water level was down 4-5 feet and huge blocks of ice were sunk in.  the whole area had clearly been flooded over.  ice dam, then it had broken the last time i was ther, now it looks like perhaps there is a bit of an ice dam further up...this is why i say you can't trust these waters.  you never know if there is an ice dam further up river that breaks and sends a torrent of water at you.  crazy.


  1. I sincerely hope you work for National Geographic. Wow. WAY too many excellent photos to comment on. VERY good. VERY good eye.

  2. thanks...nat geo hasn't come calling. haha! i just take snapshots and try to tell the story of the beautiful place.