Wednesday, November 21, 2012

spencer loop...

 was pretty awestruck by the beauty at the creek on the spencer loop trail.  have wanted to try and hit it one time before the snow really comes.  it's a ski only trail in the winter.  it's a favorite loop of mine for walking.  probably 5 miles but takes some work as it has a lot of uphills.  some lunatic skier had already been up there.  too much work to cross country ski it for me!  whoever skied looked like they got one hell of a work out from the tracks i saw.  rocks and grass sticking out all over still.
 other than the ski tracks and bike tracks i never saw a soul out there.  i am also happy to report that i never saw any signs of  bear either. did see moose tracks, but no moose. one bald eagle.
 was another beautiful day.  i got the last minute cleaning done and then took off to enjoy the day.  wanted to wear the dogs out a bit before the party.  rio was driving by her nose, but she was sleepy. blossom was pretty wiped out. she made some half hearted attempts at begging but mostly she just napped.  success!!
 enjoyed the trees as usual.
 this one had tons of fungi growing on it's underbelly
 party went well.  a small gathering.  i think all had a fun time.  i tend to prefer smaller groups anyway...too large and i start feeling pulled in different directions trying to make sure everyone has all they need.  so tonight was perfect for me.  thought the turkey came out well.  gail was sweet and brought yeti yams and sasquatch scat cookies...hehe!!  could be an annual gig.  nice to have folks over for thanksgiving dinner.  being single it seems i rarely get an invite so it's best to just invite others over and cook the turkey.
 funny too that it's kinda nice to make the turkey and all as it's the way your mama used to make it so it makes the holiday seem more homey somehow.  sometimes i find when i have gone to others homes for holidays like thanksgiving it can almost make me feel more lonely as it's so different than what you grew up on...if that makes any sense.  at home i can have the traditional fare and festivities...well kinda.
 black friday is the big controversy this year.  some stores are opening on the night of thanksgiving.  i'm not at all shocked by this.  thanksgiving night the bars are always full, people are looking for a place to go and stuff to do.  why not go shopping.  i've never actually been one to participate in any of the black friday sales events.  just too crazy.  i know people get deals but it's not worth it to deal with the hoards of insane shoppers.  the amount of money and the sort of gifts i hear of people buying just is too much in my mind.  we had one bigger family gift and then little stuff which seems more reasonable.  the stuff we all seem to believe we's out of control.
 the main hill up.  this trail is tricky in that once you get to the top of the big hill you believe you are done...only to discover that the trail still has many ups and downs before the long hill down.
 the light really came out once i hit the top and then it came and went with the hills. still you always seem to forget how many other ups there are.
 blossom chased her tennis ball and was quite happy out there.  rio trudged along.  the good thing for her is that it's a nice wide open trail.   no roots to contend with.
 somewhere at the top.  amazing views to be had up there.  denali/foraker mountains out as well as sleeping lady behind anchorage.  this trail has some lovely views!
 i think you can see denali in the background.
 happy i went.  great to relax on a walk.  leg is still sore at the end of the day, but the walks are feeling pretty great overall.  hoping once i get that ablation life will improve more.
 the ice candles looked nice on the deck.  i checked on them several times as i got my fear of fire from my mom.  maybe a nonflamable led light next time.  all was well, no fire started.
 always love this polar bear skiing sign.  it's one of the few cut off s on the loop.  i decided to keep going and not take the short cut.
 the signs even have frost on them. it was cold today.  did manage a void in the arse was half frozen though so that is the hardest part.  blossom always checks rio's voids and leaves an extra message of her own if she doesn't approve.  i've never known what merits a pee that requires an added note...mine apparently passed the muster.  who knew.
 you know you are nearly done when you get to the hilltop ski area and jumps.  yeah!!really all downhill at this point.
 eventually you hit this totally wide multi use trail..that is where i finally saw other people out there.
 a co-worker from the adult ice walked past me and had no clue she knew me until i caught up with her.  i asked if she had worked the night before.  then she figured out who i was.  she had... i can totally zone out after working all night and getting out to walk the dogs.
 this group of bikers went past as well...that was it.  long shadows again.
 i stopped to take more photos at the creek.  it's so pretty and then headed to freddies to get some last minute stuff for the party.
 rio stayed off the couch for awhile during the party, but eventually she was too sleepy and just made her way up.  she snuggled with karen for a bit and then later used maddie as a pillow.  she was gently snoring as we all chatted.
 back to more creek shots.
 i had texted karen to head that way with her camera.  hopefully she got some nice photo's...she's not having to battle dogs that are either hyped to go or too tired and cold to linger.  i was getting tired and chilly by the end as well.
 it was really too spectacular not to share though.

 i was getting cold by the time i came back through. was going to try a few times shots.  tried a couple, but then headed to the car and the heater.
 liked several of the photo's i got though.
 photography is different for us all.  overall, i enjoy telling the story of my daily walks.  i want it to be like whoever reads this was along with me.

 got a bit obsessed with the trees.  haven't been out here for sometime and generally once it snows i don't go here at all so nice to just have it all to myself
 this shot below was strange.  i never saw the earring until i put the picture on the computer.  i was just taking the photo of the fungus.  kinda looks like an add for the earring now though.  won't last the winter out there though.
 not sure i could find it again if i tried.
 this is more of the underside of that one tree earlier.
 a few trees really stool out with these bright berries.  so strange to see colour like this in our darkened world.
 sleeping lady
 a different type of fungi.  we always just called in bear bread in ketchikan.
 and back to ice and creek.

 i'm ready to hit the sack.  happy to have a clean home.  tomorrow i get to make turkey noodle soup!!  nummy!! i bought another breast and tossed it in the freezer for later.
the squatch and gobble was a success.  the dogs are wiped out and the house is's a great day....good night.

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  1. LOL at Rio. What a cutie :)

    Just looking at these pictures made me feel cold and I pulled my blanket around myself a little tighter. In California! Thanks for bringing us along.