Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy day late halloween!!

 thought blossom looked cute in this frog costume.  sadly, i had to work so not much opportunity for her to show it off other than online!  so many great costumes out there, dogs and humans!!  so fun.  i was never good at costumes for myself.  just not that creative.  best costume probably was when i went as sharon was totally distasteful but clever none the less.  in camp i gift wrapped a kid once.  that was pretty good.  otherwise my costumes were usually easy, like bums or cowboys.
 blossom is pretty tolerant.  rio would be great, but it's tough finding her costumes to fit.  this one for blossom is XXL, the larges available, and she's only 65-70 pounds.  that is a mid size dog in my opinion.
 wonder how trick or treating went back east.  looks like a mess, especially in new york and new jersey.  so much water.  new yorkers are known to be pretty tough so i suspect they will work through this, same for new jersey really.  i feel badly for all that they must be going through, especially in such a large city where you are so dependant on public transport.  it will be a tough go.  apparently some lady was driving around in the storm with two young kids.  she left her car with her kids, went into a ditch looking area to hold onto a tree, panicked, tried to get help from some house that seemingly refused to help, eventually both kids were swept away and died.  the guy from the house is getting a lot of grief.  when i saw him talked to i think he's really distraught over it all.  really, i think he believed he was getting attacked and had no idea it was a woman and children outside. with the winds and noise and terror that comes with that i can see that.  so sad.  he did seem to wonder what the hell she was doing out there with young kids.  people don't listen to warnings, they get caught. there was a row of houses, why did she just try many questions come to mind.
 the fact is, mother nature is more powerful than us all and when she lashes out, people will die, buildings will be damaged and life as we know it changes, sometimes dramatically.  i kinda felt bad for the guy.  did see lots of clips as the storm was starting of people by the water taking photo's.  you can warn, but people will still do stupid things...yes i used the word stupid.  it still doesn't mean we shouldn't try to help people out.  that is what it's all we respond when the chips are down.  compassion and a delay in judgement is a good philosophy in times like this.
 on call again.  last night was slow as molasses, it's actually harder for me to work when it's that slow.  luckily, i'd brought in my spare halloween goodie bag things so we entertained ourselves with that and killed some time.  slow is when i fear i'll make mistakes the most.  your brain takes a break and then you forget to do stuff.  when i'm cracking it on a totally sick and crashing patient i'm on my a game.  phone just i'll wrap this up and get ready for work...time and a half!!
 today i was totally lazy and slept all day.
 yesterday i was out at university lake.
good night i guess.

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