Sunday, November 4, 2012

another relaxing day at the beach!

 it's always so different there.  it was cloudy at my place, but i could see the shore looked promising.
 i love when it's cloudy in anchorage and yet, the big mountain ( a five hour drive north) is clearly visible from here.  spectacular.  the sun was just bouncing off denali today. it was impressive.  by the time we returned home the sun was shining all over anchorage.
 blossom joined me and rio opted to stay home. i give her the option.  encouraging, "wanna go for a walk" stuff, but some days she just settles deeper onto the couch.  at her age i figure i should let her decide.  happy that she feels safe enough at home letting us leave her.  that wasn't always the case.
 it was a bit windy and cold by the coast. i must have walked into a more protected area or the wind died down though.  my wrists were getting red there from a wind burn the first part of my stroll.  it really was more of a stroll once i was on the beach.  blossom loves it there.  luckily, it was low tide.  she still tried to get to the water.  i turned and went the other way.  more ice and further out to get to water.
 the ice built up as we headed south.  the water level seemed like it had gotten pretty high the last high tide.  just a strip of land when the tide is in.
 more and more ice as the weeks go on.
 this is looking north.  not many folks out there today.
 looking south.
 the dark chunks are also ice.  just mixed in with sand.
 called in last night.  family issues.  people do not know what we can contend with in a hospital.  there are truely some terrible parents out there.  crazy, nut cases that are in charge of these little lives and totally screwing it up. i'm less and less impressed with what our society does to help these kids.  it's all about the parents it seems.  they get all the chances.  by the time we finally take kids away the damage is done.  clever of us really!
 i took care of the kid while trying to prevent the parent and caregiver from erupting.  a task that got more and more difficult as the night went on. at least i was making overtime.  nurses are actors.  funny thing is that not so bright people will tell you stuff when you act well.  i was talking to my brother, tom, today for a bit.  i was telling him the stuff these people told me.  he wondered why they would tell me stuff that could and would totally get them in trouble.  i must confess, i'm a good actress at my job and people are often just not that smart.  not sure what happened today.  the social workers and such were coming and i wanted out before the fireworks started big time.  knives were mentioned.  we do have some dangerous aspects to our work. people get emotional and you never know what can happen.
 the cairns are all gone from what i could see, this little shelter is still standing.
 not sure i'd want all those rocks to fall on my head.  seems to have held up quite nicely though this past month.  i'm impressed.
 blossom was just interested in me throwing her tennis ball.
 every so often i go on friends of pets, just to see what they have....well they have a 3 year old, handsome st bernard.  so tempting!!  he's 185 pounds, they say that is thin though, so he'll probably be closer to 200 pounds when he's healthy.  could my house handle another large dog?  he's nervous in cars apparently.
 self portrait.  i was diggin through my backpack out there and though i have 3 little tripods at least none were packed in there.  will have to rectify that for tomorrows walk.  will also have to get my arse moving earlier tomorrow so i can get to either the sullivan for the arts and crafts show or to the museum and then to the pool for a swim.
 then again, if it's a pretty day, i'll probably opt for the great outdoors. the sunset looked nice tonight.  may try the coastal refuge.  don't want to bore all with too many beach/ice photo's.
 blossom is happy after her days activities.
 was enjoying the cairns made of ice by nature.  here are a few examples.
 more and more blue skies by the days end.
 no moose sightings today.  not sure where they all are.
 was chilly when i got home and a bit sleepy so i took a nap.  my front room gets sun so it's always toasty.  my legs still feel tired out walking sometimes.  seems like that happens when i first put the hose on and then by the end of the day they feel better.  wonder if it takes some time to acclimate to them each day.  gotta be an adjustment having that added pressure off and on.
 need to make that appointment for the follow up in january.  hoping that is what ails me.  don't like feeling tired like i have.  want to get my mileage in.
 great chatting with my brother tom today.  seems like many conversations with people you tend to end up listening.  he's one of the few that i feel like we have a normal back and forth conversation.  we both listen and talk about equally.  at least i think so. it's nice.
 in my world i often feel like i'm not heard. i suppose that is why i like blogging.  even if nobody listens i can pretend in my head that my thoughts have been heard somewhere by someone.
 looking over voting stuff today. the big election day is coming up.  i still like to vote on election day.  since i'm off during the days i really haven't had much of an issue with lines.  there is something great about going to the polls and doing your civic duty.  it's not something that happens across the globe. i'm grateful to have the opportunity to cast my ballot and be heard.  though i am in a state that votes mostly republican so i'm generally on the losing side.  still i put my two cents in there.  i'm not a democrat either.  i am one of those noncommital voters.  i'd rather look at the issues and the people and make decisions on my own rather than follow some party line.  both parties seem to have been taken over by extremists.  it's sad really.  the average joe is not as likely to go vote and thus our countries decisions are made by those who are extreme and passionate.  can't believe how many people give away their right to vote.
 had a discussion with one guy who didn't vote because in his state the registered voters were the jury pool. he didn't want to serve on a jury.'d give up your right to vote to avoid jury duty.  here jury pool is pulled from the permanent fund lists.  not many people willing to give up that check every year.  think it was around $800 this year.  free money is always good money.
 these were taken from inside the little rock/stick hut. loved the light coming through.
 as i looked at the pictures i found myself wishing i'd pulled out the macro lens.  so lazy some days.
 if i go coastal again tomorrow perhaps that would be a way to change up my photo's.
 there are always great old dried out logs on the beaches.
 more of the big mountain.
 saw a couple headed down here with ice skates as i walked out.  didn't look too smooth out there, but i think for enthusiasts perfect ice is any ice.  just like the skiers will take any amount of snow to get on those sticks.
 kincaid is near the airport.
 below is sleeping lady., well,  behind the trees anyway.
 made some potato soup tonight.  produce partners makes a great packet mix for good soup.  i never can find it here.  found packets in glenallen i believe it was when i was headed to chicken.
 low tide seemed to be pretty low today.  very cool!
 another shot of the big mountain.  i know it's just a big mountain, but it's really big.  crazy how visible it is here in anchorage despite that 5 hour drive. i mean that is like seeing las vegas from los angeles.
 a better shot of sleeping lady...waiting for her lover to come back from war.  always waiting.  i think that is the story anyway.
 just beautiful scenery today.  photos never seem to do it justice..or maybe my photo's don't do it justice.
 more of the ice pancakes....this one is really pancakey.
 a few black and whites.  can't go wrong there.

 blossom always enjoys herself out here.  still can't believe it took me so long to find this place.
 when i'm at work i like to do my work.  i have a co-worker who follows me around while i'm working talking and talking and talking.  i would be fine chatting once i'm caught up on work, but it drives me nuts.  she's hyper sensitive too so if i were to say anything i'd have to deal with what may come from that. it was worse last night as when you have crazy parents you really want to write a good note to express what is happening that isn't blunt per say, but gets the message across.  it's an art form. you can't write family is bat shit crazy in your note.  harder to do when i have someone talking in my ear while i'm trying to write.  she is completely oblivious to the fact that i'm trying to ignore here and have another task at hand.
 not to mention the fact that i already had family members talking like crazy to me every time i was in the room and then accusing the other family members and everyone they could think...i mean it couldn't be due to their idiocy that their child is in the hospital..surely someone else is at fault!
 the resident was impressed that i was able to manage it all.  i think also that i called her and told her it wasn't what she thought...and steering her to a more likely scenario for why this kid was in our icu.
 so many things just don't show up on television shows about hospitals and our jobs.  i think it's a survival thing.  keep the crazy people from flipping out.  it's in everyones best interest.
 did take the rest of that first loaf of pumpkin bread in for everyone to enjoy...they apparently did.  it was gone fast.
 will take the last loaf to the monday walk group.  hope they enjoy it!
 my friend amy had her baby...congrats...looks like all went well and everyone is healthy!!
 she would enjoy the beach. we'll have to get the wee one out on the trails.
 guess many of these look similar.  just so pretty out there.
 deleted a few more that looked like all the rest.  try to wean down the photo's.
was thinking of watching a movie, but i think i'll just read more of my cont ed crap.  gotta get that done.  besides, it will no doubt put me to sleep early.  hopefully, that means waking up earlier as well.


  1. Long time reader/lurker. I really enjoy your photos & blog and always mean to comment but... Anyway, I have had St. Bernards for years (currently two young males),and I think one would work with you and your animal family. You seem to have a great touch with animals. Thanks again for your site. Great entertainment.

  2. thanks for lurking...always more fun knowing someone looks at my page on occasion. hiked around today with my mastiff's poop. not sure how much poop one girl can carry out there on the trails. haha

  3. I read every word! I tried commenting earlier from my phone which is where I do most of my reading lately, but it didn't go through. That's why I don't comment more often even though I often want to. One sided conversations are, like you said, very common. I am quickly exhausted by those types of conversationalists and find that my many close friends are all similar in that they are balanced communicators. :)

    Isla loves looking at all the animal photos by the way. She knows Blossom especially by name. She still tells me she sees moose when we are driving around sometimes.

  4. Oh, never thought about that. LOL. I also was going to say that there is an adjustment period for the hose. I've heard some doctors recommend a gradual increase in wear time until you get can comfortably wear them all day. (I work the clerical end of the medical field.) Thanks again. Hope you have a nice week. PJ