Wednesday, November 28, 2012

beach at zero degrees F

 had fun down at the beach today.  anchorage beaches aren't anything like the beaches i grew up going to in california, but they have a unique beauty.  took some fun pictures i thought through the icicles on the big blocks of ice that lay strewn about the beach.
 the access to this beach is through kincaid park.  it's probably just over a mile walk down to the side trail that leads to the beach.  saw no moose heading down and three moose heading back to the car.  it's pretty typical to see moose along this route.  one was laying pretty close to trail, mostly they just let you walk past them.
 it was just blossom and i out there.  rio stayed home on the couch listening to NPR.  she is becoming quite the intellect these days...for a dog anyway.
 it was great watching the tide changes.  they are totally dramatic out there.
 not much beach to walk on.  there must have been some pretty high tides of late.
 blossom happily chased her toy.  no water time for her.  too much ice out there, i'd be scared she'd get hurt.
 as i left the sun was coming down and the tide was coming in.  cool to listen to the sounds of the ice getting picked back up from the muddy beach.  so peaceful.  only saw one other person out there and they headed the other way briefly.
 so many big chunks of ice on the beach i was limited on how far i could walk south on the beach.  went back and forth on what i could walk.
 didn't get to the trailhead until maybe 1:30 and i knew the sun would start setting by 3:30.  wanted to make sure i headed back before it got dark.  we are currently like 9:30-3:30.  we lose approximately 5 minutes a day, so 30 minutes a week until december 21st.  then it will kinda stay like it is for about a week and then we begin gaining 5 min/day.
 with the tide changes the ice never looks the same twice so it's always a photo adventure to head down here.
 in the morning i kept debating which trail, where to go.  so many options right now since the snow hasn't gotten really thick enough for the ski trails to be totally off limits.  i'm sure there are some out there, but in truth the snow is crap still for cross country skiing.
 i loaded these but i still have the photos from the rebel bodies to load in.  these are all with my little powershot.  will have to try and load those another day.
 not much actual communications with other humans today.  sometimes it seems a strangely quiet life.  odd to have such limited human interactions.  did chat with one of my 5 brothers for a bit. he doesn't call often so it was nice to get a surprise call and get the chance to chat.
 otherwise i spoke briefly with folks at bed bath and beyond and pet smart....oh and i also asked to share a lane at the you can see...who knew that one day i would find myself having nobody to talk to every day.
 fortunately i'm happy with the dogs and i seem to be able to communicate with myself and keep myself entertained.  when i have my camera's and stuff to photograph i really could care less honestly.  a day like today, the land, sea and sky tell me all i need to hear.  it's great to have silence and be able to hear the gifts of nature.
 the ice chunks get mixed up with the mud so it adds to the strangeness out there.

 got my camera under several of these ice chunks to see what i could get looking through these icicles.  it looked like they were coming out cool so i kept trying.  i like them.  always something new or some new angle to see this world from.  you never can be bored with it.  especially here, it is forever changing and it all looks totally different from day to day.
 started the shopping.  really, there were a few things i needed.  so probably more stuff for me than for christmas gifts.
 bed bath and beyond always overwhelms me.  they cram so much stuff into that store.
 thought the footprints looked like they were on the moon.  ( i keep writing moose instead of moon).
 a rare clearer looking ice chunk.
 blossom stands on an ice chunk.  not sure what else i should call them.  bergy bits.  too small to be ice  bergs.  could be part of the pancake ice.  i'm not an iceberg expert.  know that there are many words for all the various ice types. i think i've heard that in the alaska native languages this is true.

 you can see how small the beach that isn't covered by the tide is.  you don't want to get caught in these area's at the wrong time in the tide.
 more icicle shots.  see, i love em!!

 the hill in the background has a trail down to the beach. i have taken this route before but i get a bit more confused getting to the beach this way.  there are several points of access.

 all the icicles i took with the little camera.  mostly i had to chip off a few of the icicles and sneak my hand in there so only the little camera would fit back there.
 big cameras do have their limitations.
 supposed to be a good night for northern lights.  always tempting but the temperatures are supposed to get down to 10-15 below zero.  it's doubtful i'll get out there.  i would like to make an attempt at northern lights photo's one of these days. i should at least have a few just to say i did, right?
 don't get me wrong, i love watching the northern lights, it's just that they usually occur on cold, cold nights.
 i'm pretty acclimated to the cold.  it's quite surprising how your body adapts to the cold.  you also learn how to dress for it over the years.  i was out there for over 2 hours today without feeling chilled.
 loved the light.  this winter light is like nothing you will ever see.
 and this dog is like nothing you will ever see as well.  she is just one wonderful dog.  you get lucky sometimes and i must say i have been blessed with this girl.  she is just the best dog ever!!  not to take away from my other dog.  rio is wonderful as well, but there is just something special about blossom.  she is perfect for me.  i think blossom and i are perfect for rio.  she fits in great.  it all worked out perfect really.  rio is totally happy just being so that means blossom can get the extra attention she needs.  rio is happy snuggling on the couch.
 dogs are the best companions i've found.  there is no bullshit.  they are accepting, non judgemental, don't get offended by stuff you say, happy...i could go on.  mostly, i think, my dogs keep me from ever feeling lonely or sorry for myself.  my life is pretty great.  i'm sure others wouldn't think so, they'd see me alone and many couldn't handle being alone as much as i am.  there are moments when i crave more human interaction, but people so often disappoint.
 my one patient this week was tearful and was saying that she knew she shouldn't feel sorry for herself but she was having a moment of exactly that.  self pity.  i think we all have moments when life gets us down or hands us too much at once and we feel badly for ourselves.  it's okay to take a few, have a cry and have a little pity party.   you just have to keep from wallowing in it all.  my life is good, way better than many other lives out there.  to be able to walk on this beach today without a care.  that means a lot.
 took more of the sunset pictures with the other camera's.  loved these though.
 kept thinking blossoms tennis ball would get lodged under these ice chunks, but this current one has a hole in it.  oddly, i never seem to lose the crappy, busted up tennis balls. it's only the brand new balls that go missing.  they are a pretty cheap toy though, luckily.
 here is some of the sunset action.  a few actual clouds showed up which delighted me.

 loved these chunks here.  if you look closely you can see the tennis ball laying out there...adding to the art of the shot for sure!
 there are a few movies out there that i'm wanting to see.  don't like hitting movies by myself so hopefully i can find someone to join me for one or two of them.  lincoln looks great and i've heard good things.
 just drank a mikes hard winter blackberry.  so tasty!!  they only sell those in the winter months.
 icicles at sunset.

 love all the designs and patterns in the ice.  ice isn't just ice at all. there are so many ways to be ice.
 sleeping lady in the background on this one.
 so above is looking north on the beach and below is looking south.
 sad story in california.   a dog chased a stick out into the waves on the beach and then got sucked out.  the boy went after the dog, the father went after the boy, the boy got out, the boy and mother went back in after the father who was now having difficulty.  the mother and father both died and the boy is missing and no doubt dead as well.  the made it back on it's own eventually.  so sad.  a family friend had a similar surf accident.  they were victims of a rouge wave.  the father passed away and the mother had terrible injuries but survived.  never underestimate the power of water in all it's forms.  that is a lesson i've learned repeatedly. luckily, it's a lesson i've survived to learn several times.

 the water was really coming in about this time.  i took video, not sure it does it justice. i was trying to capture the sounds with the video but i don't think they came through.  no wave action on these beaches.
 an 80 year old hunter was missing but has been found alive and in seemingly good condition. apparently his 80 years of experience helped him.
 they've called off the search for a gentleman from the lower 48 who was on some sort of wilderness quest.  he never checked in on the day he was supposed to and hasn't been heard from since. he's further north and we've had very cold weather.  doubtful he's survived.  this land is not forgiving.
well, to the end of yet another blog entry. i so enjoy blogging and hope those who stop by enjoy.  i have fun taking photo's on my daily walks in this great land to share on this blog.

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