Monday, November 5, 2012

a walk, some close ups and a cute baby girl!!

 snapped a few of the pets with the macro just for giggles.  it must be done on occasion.  the cats were actually much better than the blind dog. though she is blind i sense she can see the strobe light that seems to flash before the photo is taken with the rebel.  it causes her to turn her head.  so not 100 % blind apparently.
 debated in my head where to walk the dogs.  eventually i opted to just do a loop of rovers run. easy.  a cloudless day for the most part.  not my favorite photo days. oddly, i find myself kinda happy when the clouds return.  too many sunny blue sky days get me down.
 walking works for me.  the days start off not the best, but once i get walking i do pretty well.  sitting is not comfy at all. well, better if i sit properly i guess, but i was happy slouching for all those years, what gives? has annoyed me.  they changed...why do they all change from what has been working for me for ages.  so frustrating.  used to be able to get free shipping as an option, now it seems they want you to pay an annual fee and then they will give you free shipping.  i will probably fold at some point, but really, it does make me plan on shopping elsewhere rather than pay a big fee to maybe save later, maybe not.
 the little creek on rovers run had some cool ice so i snapped a few off. rio was obliging.  blossom chilled, but was waiting for her toy to get back in action.
 who can resist cool ice formations though.

 i'm wishing i could get another extra hour of sleep again tonight.  can we turn the clock back again?
 blossom was less than happy with the time change....well really her meal time change.  dogs are creatures of habit and they don't abide by human clocks, especially when it means breakfast is an hour late.
 loved the light here.  it was a pleasant walk.  everyone who admired rio was informed of the st bernard looking for a home.  carried rio's poop around and couldn't help but think that i may have love and room for another large dog, but can i handle the poop of another large dog.
 dogs got left a few times today after their walk.  at least they got 2 servings of peanut butter.  they seemed okay.  met friend sandra at the sullivan arena for a craft fair.  i was surprised she wanted to go as she's previously banned going to this craft fair as she must pay an entrance fee.  i think she was just wanting to get out of the house.  it wasn't worth the entry fee though.  the ice beneath had had issues when this fair was supposed to happen originally.  it was rescheduled.  many vendors weren't able to make the new date work for them.
 ice in the bigger creek.

 my second outing was to the pool for the 20 laps or so.  kinda crowded for a sunday.  after the pool i went to say hello to lucy and give my congratulations to the happy parents.  tiffany and later alicia were there so we all laughed a bit as well as ooh'd and aah'd over the cute baby in the room!!
 greetings to lucy...hope your mom gets some rest tonight.  it's home tomorrow and then the rest time will dramatically decrease no doubt.
 miss breezy chatterbug above and sapogi below.
 and of course, rio catalina.
 it's super nice that friend tiffany was there to help amy and sri with the delivery.  it never occurs to me to be involved in such a way.  it's a great idea as many people no longer live near family.  just happy that it all went well overall and miss lucy  and her mom look healthy and happy...even if a bit tender!  there are no simple deliveries and everyone has their own story that makes the process unique.
 amy looks great and lucy is a cutie!!
 we were marveling over her super long fingers.
 i am not really any sort of portrait photographer...but still fun to have a cute and happy subject.  mostly i do outdoor stuff and pet stuff.  i get lucky with humans on occasion, but i will leave that to professionals.
 it's not often that there are humans in my blog, especially little enjoy!!
 the happy family.
 and a proud papa!!
well, i guess i don't get that extra hour sleep so i better get a move on.  thanks for the comments much fun!!!

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