Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fog last night, snow tonight...

 may get to use those snowshoes tomorrow!!  can't wait!!  love my snowshoes! i got my crap together just in time.  i found myself talking in my head where the crappy studs were involved.  end of season last year and since i put the old ones on this year i've skidded around a bit with them and then was all thinking maybe i'll go here or do this and then deciding not to due to the crappy tires.  so i just opted to head to costco today and get the blizzaks.  i've heard good things and i got a super deal there at costco!  the other tire place wanted $750 for a set of 4 studded tires and $1000 + for a set of the blizzaks.  costco...500 including install for the blizzaks.  we shall see.  so far i feel pretty good on them.  for sure i feel safer and more confident in my winter driving.  safety is not a think to be lax on. i wouldn't have been happy if i totaled my element trying to get one more year out of those crappy studs.  or worse gotten injured or hurt someone else.  happy that i just had johnsons put the studs back on though and held out for a better price.
 that is the tire story.  chatted with nice folks while i waited for my car.  just took blossom. she layed about and wagged at everyone who came in.  one lady fell in love with her. the other lady i chatted with has 4 dogs and just moved here with her boyfriend.  gave her anchorage dog tips.
 had to wait like an hour before my tire appointment so i ran a few errands and tossed the tennis ball for blossom. this looks to be either a new playground going up or one that is boarded off for some other reason.  who knows.  thought the polar bear slide was cool though.
 made a nice fried chicken dinner.  suddenly craved fried chicken tonight.  thanks mom for the tasty recipe!  gravy and all the fixings.  bummed this evening as i missed a call from a friend.  i don't get many calls and really hardly any on the home phone anymore.  my answering machine is upstairs in my room so sometimes i don't even see anyone's called til i head up to bed.  hopefully, we get a chance to chat this next week.  always fun to catch up with friends.
 took both dogs for a stroll today in the bog.  i overslept.  actually woke way too early then fell asleep off and on.  certainly was tired and needed to catch up.
 not too much frost low here, different trails will get hit by these fog more than others. love the hoar frost though.  always looks so cool and i know i don't do it justice in my photo's, but it's still fun trying.
 carried the marco around.  blossom got to chase her frisbee out on the now quite frozen pond/bog/lake whatever it is.  still unclear how much water it takes to transistion from a pond to a lake and such.
 blossom was happy to frolic in the snow and ice.  she kept going outside this evening as the snow is accumulating.  dogs get super happy about snow,even rio with dance around with joy...pulling off a few zoomies out there at times!
 soon this plant matter will be mostly buried.  each winter is different though and so we shall see.  perhaps it will be a winter of fog, or snow or wind.  just hoping tomorrow is a day of snowshoe play.
 as i cooked and ate i watched some big bang and old oprah.  we all just want to be validated she said apparently.  it would be nice.  it's easy to believe that you are invisible out there.  maybe more so when you are single and getting older.  our culture seems to tell you that you should be strong and need no validation at all in one sense but then other times it seems that the worlds gone wild with over validation. if you are confident enough you can get on a reality show about pretty much anything for your validation.  i certainly don't want to be on reality tv to be validated.  it is nice to get a compliment from time to time or to hear that something i said or did was noticed and appreciated.  we do all need that. those sorts of validation are few and far between the older you get.  
 spent a few minutes working on the book.  slow going.  plug along i tell myself and eventually it will be there.   my little contribution to society.  medicine gone mad really.  there just seems to be so many things the general public don't understand about the world i work in.  the ethics of it are fascinating and seem to be part of my every day.
 don't know if obamacare is the way to go, but something has to happen.  discussed this briefly with my sister in law the other day.  that whole thing about like obama and his crew making all our medical decisions for us.  i can't say as i've read the 5000 pages of the thing, but this whole death team thing is kinda silly.  i mean you could have 12 bureaucrats in a room making your medical decisions or 12 capitalists trying to make money off your illness making the decisions for you which is what we have now more.  i'd rather have a crew of doctors making those decisions.  unfortunately society seems to be making that harder and harder for us.  we already have socialized medicine for most people.  if you are native, or military, medicaid,'s there and if you have no insurance you still have's called the emergency room.  there are some real issues that need to be addressed. in my opinion it's a lot about how we all view death.  we seem to have very unrealistic expectations about death.  we want to prevent death no matter what the outcome is.  i think that when we hit those pearly gates god will look at how we treated our loved ones when it came to their death and illness.  were we gracious and practical or were we selfish.  we have the medicine ability to keep people's body's going beyond what they maybe should be going, it's up to us to determine at what point what we do is just for our own selfish needs.  the book i'm writing is meant to bring up all those little medical ethical issues i deal with day to day.
guess i shall turn in for the night. the to do list stuff slowly gets done and added to. life is a to do list, i've forgotten to check off a few boxes and instead ventured off list many times.

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