Tuesday, January 3, 2017

day off of Monday walk

 seemed like most folks weren't coming anyway and i hadn't gotten to bed until super late last night so i rolled over and slept a bit more before heading out
 debated where to walk today.  even drove up hiland road a bit before turning back...it was going to be dark as the sun would have already dropped below that valley.
 so these are at Reflection Lake.  not a long walk but we spent some time out there.  the pups don't really care as long as there is a place for them to run around.  they get the time in.
 it was a lovely day out there.
 i think my phone put the temps at near 5F.  give or take i guess.
 misty fog out there was actually quite pretty.
 by the time i returned to Anchorage it was getting dark, which was made darker when i got off at Muldoon and the fog was very thick.
 can't say i got much accomplished today.  laundry, dishes, dog poop pick up.  that is how it goes some days i guess.
 did get the parade watched..tonight.
 i went to nursing school at Pasadena City College.  the campus is on Colorado Blvd and the band plays in the parade every year.  i think it's the official band of the parade.  they played Star Wars music.
 liked my little home towns float.  they do a small one every year.  for years they have done super cute small floats with some decent animation.  they were almost the last float out there this year.
 lots of other amazing floats.  of course, it's all so much cooler when you are actually there, but still very impressive. KTLA had new folks doing the coverage and i think they did a good job.
 not even sure who won the Rose Bowl game.  never big on football.  i do remember selling Rose Parade programs on a bridge somewhere along the route...trying to place where that would be...anyway, when those bands went by that bridge felt the beat.
 pups out having fun.

pretty light out there and lots of frost on the plants...kind of looked like white cactus.

 you can see that last little curly few hairs on the tip of Tuskers tail.  hehe.

 we will have to see how their coats turn out next year.  seems like it takes a bit. won't be as curly as Blossom turned out to be.  i do miss her and that amazing coat she had. what a beautiful dog!!
 the canvas picture of her my brother and his family sent me is hanging up in here and it looks great.
 here is my cute crew now
 Ivy managed a few jumps on me.  i laugh now as i get so annoyed and frustrated with her jumping which then plays into it all.  the best thing is to just turn my back on her and give her zero attention but i often fail at this since i am frustrated and find myself pushing her off, which just makes her jump more...i know in her mind she's thinking, "awesome, mom is wrestling with me".  she doesn't get that i'm ticked off, she just sees that i'm playing with her.
 look at that sweet face though.  couldn't stay too mad for long.  she is the biggest love bug.  her biggest gift is her amazing personality.
 plenty of room to romp and not many folks out there today

 our nimrod elect is continuing to tweet.  clearly he doesn't like China and loves Russia...now he's also showing his disdain via tweet at N. Korea.  if we survive the next 4 years without bombs dropping on us....
 apparently a closed meeting vote will work towards taking out independent ethics monitors...the congress will just police themselves on ethics...yeah, that is perfect timing.
 Ivy was totally brave on this thing. she wanted to climb all the steps and get to the top..
 her brother below here was having nothing to do with this foot path of metal.  this is him on the ground below, quite upset. i did use treats to lure him at least a few steps on to the thing in hopes that in the future he will be less afraid.  Ivy had to skip her run to the top.  can't have them in two different places.

 out on the lake, running around.

 enjoyed the change of scenery though. we will Monday walk again next week. lots of folks with family chilling this week.
 isn't this beautiful below.  Knik River with fog

 love fog.  makes it look so mysterious and mystical out there.
 fog along the bridge
 train tracks with fog as well
 and then the pinks came in.

 so not much accomplished today but we did get our walk in.  hopefully, better sleep tonight.  i rarely have sleep days like this week.  the fireworks through us off the first night. last night i had ended up taking an evening power nap that turned into 4 hours sleep which is why i was all flipped around last night.  got plenty of sleep but just at odd times.
 would love to get moving early enough to get out to Portage maybe tomorrow.
 i pulled over on the bridge for these. i'm sure you are not supposed to do that.  nobody honked though..i think they saw how pretty it was and weren't going to bother with me.

 anyway..that is my day...just another day in paradise as they say.

 convince these pups to wake up and come to bed. sweet pups.  Tusker starts class again tonight i guess...it's after midnight.
thankful for:A fog and the frost it forms  B.  pink sunsets C.  2 cute pups that make me laugh and smile

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