Tuesday, January 24, 2017

more snow today..

 Monday walk was just me today.  others came for coffee. i was hoping to repaint the snow garden, but it kept snowing today.  digging out yesterday though....again.  no complaints really though. i love snow.  i guess the "dome" came down from the weight of the snow.  a local church built this huge recreation center and then rented it out to different folks.  down now.
 didn't see many on the trail today. i ended up doing the Campbell Airstrip since nobody was joining me.  did start to see folks on the way back down viewpoint trail.  i wasn't paying attention and ticked off a lycra when i didn't see him jogging up and the dogs were loose.  i put them back on soon as there were lots of folks. close to trailhead the pups were sniffing...i knew it was a moose.  they picked it up further away than i would expect...such hunters.
 came around a corner and there was this young moose. it spooked pretty easily, but i was able to keep pups in check.  sadly, the moose had an arrow in it's back.  the moose booked past us and then i see a few fish and game or wildlife?  anyway, from the city coming down this little hill through deep snow tracking the moose.  they were trying to dart it and remove the arrow.  the moose was quick...hopefully, it's not in too deep and will fall out.  people suck some times.
have heard this and seen this from quite a few sources of late and it really pisses me off.  this idea that suddenly with this election...we "finally have got God back".  it's just offensive really.  if i was God i'd be pissed.  God has never abandoned the USA and i highly doubt God really involves himself with who is in the White House.  i certainly find it silly to believe that this particular POTUS could possibly be one to bring God back to America...?  so strange.  i see the amazing beauty of this earth all over and i work in a hospital and certainly see a lot of prayers going heavenward...
 a brother responded to a post argument...had to check myself today and just not return to the heated posts...it's good from time to time to evaluate your fb time and make sure you aren't getting too involved with the negative stuff.  post a few adorable puppies and kittens and try not to respond to nastiness and craziness.  anyway, he said something about liberals having lost all sense of reason...i think i responded with perhaps the religious right have lost their moral compass.  he of course, responded with Clinton...she is not POTUS so i am personally pretty tired of this.  this POTUS needs to be judged on his acts.
 really i just think many on the right are pissed because they have felt they haven't gotten their way on much lately...and maybe they haven't.  gay marriage passed, affordable care act passed.  maybe their just have felt powerless and felt that us liberal sorts have had our way for too long.  now it seems many just want to make sure we feel the same pain.  cut funding to arts and PBS and NPR.  as i said...i know they are pissed and their hatred for Hillary was great...i just hope that their hatred and need to sock it to the liberals doesn't trump their love of country and the need to protect it if this guy does need to be removed.
 lots of women of the right posting and bitching about the womens march.  their turn to whine it seems.  there were folks there who voted for Trump from what i hear.  not tons but there were millions world wide so who knows.  mostly, it seemed folks turned up to voice their opinions about any and all issues that concerned them with this administration.  many wanted to try and show this new POTUS that the tone and comments leading up were not acceptable and this has not been dealth with effectively.  sadly, this new POTUS still is trying to convince everyone that he won the election by a landslide, that if the numbers show he lost the popular vote then they were proof of voter fraud and that he had more people at his inauguration than anyone ever.
 this is the sort of stuff you really wish he'd let roll off him.  he's clearly incapable though.  it's this trivial stuff that may destroy him in the end....odd really. i think for me these crazy and bizarre tweets and pronouncements make him look weak and it makes me anxious to have a POTUS that looks so weak out there.  what will it mean for all of us?  it remains to be seen.  would love it if he was able to make improvements, who doesn't want improvements in any nation...i see the negative of this POTUS far outweighs any positive.
 attempted several selfies with the puppies.  hard to get pics with all three of us.
 Ivy gets excited when i try to get down there next to her.
 her class was tonight. that one teacher annoys me.  Tuskers teach tomorrow night is great.  this one seems to have her favorites and calls them out or just stops and starts chatting with them.  there is actually a really nice rottie owner.  i almost get the sense that she feels a bit awkward with the attention.  she was in the last class i had with this instructor and the same thing was happening.  i found the rottie owner was actually giving me encouragement like the instructor should have really.  just strange.
 we did do a run around the rally course. it's a small area for this rally thing but i think Ivy and i did pretty good for our first run through.  you just go to little signs and do the obedience related stuff that it requests.
 kinda helps with leash training when i have those snowshoes on.  big feet make it easier to redirect pulling puppies.  they also had adventures today with a snowmachine.  he was grooming the trails out there today so he went back and forth a few times. barking..
 these are from yesterday.
 they have had a blast in all this snow.  such cute pups.  we've had some great walks this week. i only got ticked at Ivy once with her jumping. otherwise i've been pretty good and not letting myself engage
 another comment today that she was jumping to my head level...straight up...pretty impressive really.
 she is adorable and sweet though.
 and pink today.
 i suspect the friend that carried on with me yesterday snowshoeing was a bit concerned that i was lost.  i tried to show her the trail ahead which was just a slight indent in the snow.  not sure she was buying it.  i took a cut off as she was getting tired.  dropped 2 after like 1/2 mile, another after another mile or so and then i took off on my own with the pups for another while.  i gotta wear them out though.
off to bed...grateful for:  A.  health that allows me to get out there and enjoy the beauty  B.  series of amazing dogs in my life  C.  snuggle time with the puppies

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